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The next general election: what’s the state of health and care?

A podcast about big ideas in health and care. We talk with experts from The King’s Fund and beyond about the NHS, social care, and all things health policy and leadership. New episodes monthly.

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Between the British Social Attitudes survey, the NHS staff survey and performance data, we're not short on information to give us a view of the current health and social care landscape. Host Ruth Robertson is joined by a panel of experts from the King’s Fund to discuss all this in the context of a likely upcoming election.


  • Where services are at after the winter period (01:15)

  • Spring budget announcements (06:04)

  • Need for long-term strategy (09:15)

  • Connection between workforce and performance (11:50)

  • NHS staff survey 2023 (13:52)

  • Public views on the NHS (21:22)

  • Recent action on public health interventions (26:04)

  • Poverty and NHS services (28:17)

  • Reasons to be hopeful (32:28)

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