Urgent and emergency care

The King's Fund, London W1G 0AN
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Breakfast workshop: Solihull Together for Better Lives vanguard site

Dr Joel Ratnasothy: the need for change

Dr Patrick Brook: our vision for Solihull

Helen Kelly: the story so far

Session one: Opening plenary

Professor Keith Willett: Update and next steps for the Urgent and Emergency Care Review

Liz McAnulty: Urgent care and A&E - the patient perspective

David Colin-Thome: Next steps for urgent care

Dr Clifford Mann: Actions to address the significant challenges facing emergency medicine and the A&E department

Breakout A: Improving urgent care for older people

Sheinaz Stansfield: Improving care for older people - a general practice approach

Pam Creavan: Improving urgent care services for older people - the integrated care pathway

Mark Newbold: The Commission on Improving Care for Older People - findings-to-date

Breakout B: Urgent and emergency care pathways for patients with mental health conditions

Dr Oliver Shanley and John Lavelle: The acute care pathway - exploring strengths and areas for development

Jim Bosworth: Improving the flow through the emergency department - the role played by effective mental health commissioning

Breakout C: Co-location of primary care

Professor Anthony Sinclair: Interim evaluation of the pharmacists working in A&E pilot

Dr Simon Abrams: The benefits of primary care co-locating with A&E

Breakout D: Addressing the workforce challenges

Alistair Murray and Ravi Sharma: Pharmacy - a key partner in urgent care and self-care

Dr Philip Foster and Michela Littlewood: Exploring the role of NHS 111 in urgent care

Session three: The Urgent and Emergency Care Review in action

Chris Dowse and Philip Foster: Implementing the urgent and emergency care network in West Yorkshire

Dr Sally Johnson: Exploring how urgent care centres can ease the pressure on emergency departments and be cost-effective for commissioners

Dr Chris Biggin: Clinically-led approach - a new era in emergency care

Session four: Closing plenary

Toby Lambert: A new urgent and emergency care tarrif

Professor Keith Willett: Implementing the Urgent and Emergency Care Review


About this event

With talks from Keith Willett and Clifford Mann, our conference looked at how the system can change to better manage the rising demand for emergency care.


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The Royal College of Emergency Medicine

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine

The College is established to advance education and research in Emergency Medicine. The College is responsible for setting standards of training and administering examinations in Emergency Medicine for the award of Fellowship and Membership of the College as well as recommending trainees for CCT in Emergency Medicine. The College works to ensure high quality care by setting and monitoring standards of care, and providing expert guidance and advice on policy to relevant bodies on matters relating to Emergency Medicine.

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NHS Confederation Urgent and Emergency Care Forum

NHS Confederation Urgent and Emergency Care Forum

The Urgent and emergency care forum brings together all our NHS Confederation members, providers and commissioners, as well as key stakeholders, to debate, share experiences and influence the development of the urgent and emergency care system.

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Urgent Health UK

Urgent Health UK

The Federation of Social Enterprise Out-of-Hospital Care Providers

Together we are the largest social enterprise provider of out-of-hospital services Our 32 members serve over 47% of the population of England and 45% of the UK. UHUK members share a vision of “Healthcare from Social Enterprise” delivering value for money services of the highest quality to a social enterprise model. We operate as a federation of social enterprise healthcare providers enabling members to benefit by working together and effectively being part of a much larger organisation.

The range of services to members include:

  • quality audit and benchmarking by external NHS auditors against agreed outcome focused quality standards
  • purchasing consortium which generates savings for members
  • market intelligence – analysis of our markets, identifying business opportunities and comparing prices  
  • sharing of information and resources through discussion forums, workshops and annual conference
  • joint public relations initiatives
  • joint National representation initiatives.

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NHS Clinical Commissioners

NHS Clinical Commissioners

NHS Clinical Commissioners is the independent membership organisation of clinical commissioning groups.

We provide CCGs with a strong collective voice and represent them in the national debate on the future of healthcare in England. We facilitate shared learning; and deliver networking opportunities for our members so that local clinicians can commission the best possible services for their patients and populations.

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