Towards integrated care systems (ICSs) Implementing service change for patients and communities (Manchester)

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About this series

The NHS long-term plan set the ambition that every part of the country should be an integrated care system by 2021. Our series of four events in 2020 will provide expert guidance and practical insights from those leading the way to help you prepare for the transition. 

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About this event

Integrated care systems (ICSs) are the most recent national programme aimed at integrating services around patients. But how can ICSs deliver practical changes to how patients use and experience services? And what differences will health and care staff experience in their day-to-day working lives when ICSs are fully up and running? 

This event aims to provide answers to these questions by drawing on learning from local areas that are delivering fundamental changes to staff roles and relationships with the community. Ahead of the 2021 deadline for achieving the national roll-out of ICSs, you will learn about what new and different services will be in place and how existing services will need to be delivered differently within ICSs as they move from planning to delivery.

What will I learn?

Sessions will explore:

  • how staff in the health and care system – including hospital doctors – will work differently in a mature ICS
  • experiences of place- and locality-based working with wider public services, including the voluntary sector
  • how to involve patients and the public in service design, including navigating complex and often controversial changes to services
  • discussion on how financial flows and commissioning arrangements can support these changes
  • examples of how more mature ICSs are measuring and reporting on their progress and impact to national bodies and their own local communities
  • moving past the rhetoric for a candid examination of what health and social care integration looks like in practice.

Sponsorship and exhibition

Engage with leaders and decision-makers from across the health and care sector by sponsoring or exhibiting at this event. To find out more, please email Kieran Cornwell at or give him a call on 020 7307 2485.