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Commissioning and the role that commissioners play is changing. Providers and commissioners are increasingly planning services together, and commissioners are working across health and social care. The old ‘purchaser–provider’ split is blurring and what was once a system based on competition is evolving into a system focused on collaboration. Rather than just delivering health services, innovative commissioners are starting to focus their efforts on improving population health.
In addition to this shift, important proposals for legislative changes have been announced that will change the shape and nature of commissioning, and Covid-19 has both disrupted and inspired thinking and planning around the future of commissioning. 

At this virtual conference, experts from The King’s Fund and NHS national bodies explained key developments in health and care commissioning, assessing the different ways commissioning will change in 2021 and beyond. Participants heard from innovative commissioners who are approaching their role in new ways – including new ways of paying for services and new approaches to joint working across clinical commissioning groups and local authorities


If I could only ever attend one learning/sharing updating event each year, it would always be provided by The Kings Fund. The breadth of knowledge, perspective and topic is just brilliant. Thank you all.
Emma Ridgewell-Howard, Chief Executive, Kernow LMC

This event has inspired me to look beyond the borders of my local authority for more examples of good practice in commissioning and co-production in action
Helen Amura, Commissioning Officer, Oxfordshire County Council

These conferences are of an excellent standard, with a really interesting range of speakers. Highly recommended.
Jo Sorotos, Chinese Medicine Student, University of Westminster

Best virtual conference I've attended, very professional.
Emily Gash, Bid Development Manager, South Yorkshire Housing Association Limited

The conference was incredibly helpful! The mixture of speakers was refreshing and I liked the ability to ask questions.
Freja Ludlow, AQP Manager, Hidden Hearing

Excellent presentations and balance of opportunities for Q&A. Topic very well timed
Helen Reasbeck, NHS Business Development Lead, Clinical Partners

This was my first King's Fund conference and I sincerely hope not my last. As an expert by experience, I was fortunate to get a bursary place. Cannot recommend highly enough. Have already been asked by commissioners to talk about the content! Absolutely excellent.
Marilyn Jones, Autism advocate and Expert by Experience, Shropshire Autism Hub

A well planned and informative conference, highlighting the emerging changes in commissioning and how we need to move from a transactional to relational world
Brendan Hill, Executive Chair, Blue Stone Collaborative

Excellent conference and range of speakers. Very relevant to the time.
Helen Hawkins, Senior Commissioner, NHSE and NHS Improvement

Informative event with good examples of different approaches used to support commissioning in an integrated care system
Jayne Randall, Strategic Commissioner - Drugs and Alcohol, Shropshire Council

Good set of speakers and collateral. The event looked at all the different sides of this challenge - so it was well rounded as well as thought provoking. I appreciated the lack of jargon and being able to revisit presentations.
Hilary Barrett, Trustee, St Gemma's Hospice, Leeds

Every event impresses me with something and someone that I do not know. Consistently good content to keep abreast of everything regarding  UK health and social care. 
Howard Allen, Founder, HealthBank

I found the presenters really engaging and informative, really enjoyable experience
Lisa Collard, Service Transformation Programme Associate, NHS England

I really enjoyed the event.  The content was excellent and I loved the format. Presentations were very "information heavy" (a good thing!) and the breaks allowed me to digest the info.  Excellent conference - well done!
David Lee, Non-Executive Director, The SUN Network

The diverse range of presentations was great and helped paint a broad picture of the future of commissioning.
Helen Graham, Chair, PPG, Ainsdale Medical Centre

Great speakers with very useful content
Sarah Johnson, Head of Service Adult Secure Commissioning, Devon Partnership NHS Trust

The King’s Fund publications and conferences are an invaluable expert resource for anyone working in or with the Health and Social Care Sector.
Terry O’Leary, Trustee, St Catherine’s Hospice, West Sussex and East Surrey




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