Person-centred integrated care

Making it a reality for patients and families

About this event

A fully integrated system of care is essential to meet the needs of an ageing population, to transform the way that care is provided for people with long-term conditions and to enable people with complex conditions to live healthy, fulfilling, independent lives.

Building on our previous integrated care conferences – where we have highlighted the importance of aligning incentives and working in partnership across organisations and professions – this conference aimed to identify what good care looks like for people and their families, and what challenges and opportunities currently exist to making person-centred, integrated care a reality.

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Highlights from this event

Elizabeth Fradd: why communication and information matter

Elizabeth Fradd

Elizabeth Fradd, explores the importance of language and communication in delivering high-quality, patient-centred health care. She focuses on her experience as a health care professional, investigator and an observer, giving a personal account of her mother's treatment.

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Linda Patterson: wrong bed, wrong ward


Linda Patterson, Clinical Vice President at the Royal College of Physicians, looks at the impact of poor transitional care on patient outcomes.

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Don Redding: using a person-centred narrative to drive co-ordinated care

Don Redding

Don Redding, Director of Policy, National Voices, introduces the work the charity is doing on integrated care and the role of the narrative. Commissioned by the NHS Commissioning Board, National Voices will be representing the perspective of patients, carers and other service users.

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Session one: What really matters to patients?

Welcome and introduction
Jeremy Taylor, Chief Executive, National Voices

  • Understanding people’s experience of the health care system: why communication and information matter
    Professor Dame Elizabeth Fradd, Independent Health Adviser
  • Using a person-centred narrative to drive co-ordinated care
    Don Redding, Director of Policy, National Voices
  • Questions and discussion

Session two: Redefining the role of the hospital

Welcome back
Nigel Edwards, Senior Fellow, Health Policy and Leadership Development, The King's Fund

  • Co-creating health: working in partnership to provide care in the right setting
  • Improving care for Mrs Carlisle: developing quality community care services in Cumbria
    Gillian Mathews, Deputy Director of Integration, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Patient and family-centred care programme: improving the process of care and staff/patient interactions
    Dr Jocelyn Cornwell, Director, Point of Care, The King's Fund
  • Questions and discussion

Session three: Investing in primary and community care

Parallel sessions (delegates will choose to attend session A or session B)

A: Providing a more co-ordinated service in the community

  • Working together to deliver better care at home
    Stephen Flanagan, Managing Director, Bupa Home Healthcare
  • Co-ordinating palliative care at home: Midhurst Macmillan Service
    Sue Dewar, Joint Service Lead,  Macmillan and Jo Stuttaford, Joint Service Lead, Sussex Community NHS Trust
  • Questions and discussion

B: Involving the patient in the care team

  • Personal budgets: supporting people to be care co-ordinators or another challenge to integrating care?
    Personal Budgets Team, Department of Health
  • Involving patients in the design of care: what we mean by shared decision-making and why it matters
    Angela Coulter, Visiting Fellow, The King's Fund
    Robert Johnstone, Patient Advocate
  • Questions and discussion

Session four: Integration, integration, integration

Welcome back
Professor Chris Ham, Chief Executive, The King's Fund

  • Wrong bed, wrong ward: the impact of poor transitional care on patient outcomes
    Dr Linda Patterson, Clinical Vice President, Royal College of Physicians
  • How the third sector is supporting integration
    Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive, Macmillan  
  • Improving patients’ experience of care: building the system around the individual
    Liz Kendall MP, Shadow Minister for Care and Older People, Labour