Moving towards place-based systems of care

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Session one: From fortresses to systems

Chris Ham: Place-based systems of care - a way forward for the NHS in England

Session two: Emerging systems in the NHS

One Ilfracombe: a neighbourhood health and wellbeing service

Andrew Moore and Andrea Beacham: A local, person-centred, place-based, systems approach

Isle of Wight: investing in system leadership

Loretta Outhwaite and Mark Pugh: My life a full life - building on the primary and acute care systems

Solihull Together for Better Lives - Delivering a population health model

Patrick Brook and Nick Page: Collaboration to improve the health and wellbeing of the population

This breakout session was organised by our headline sponsor, Caradigm

Session three: Accountable care in the NHS

Morecambe Bay: developing an ‘accountable care system’

Hugh Reeve and John Howarth: Morecambe Bay - developing an accountable care system

Northumberland: the UK’s first accountable care organisation?

Alistair Blair and Birju Bartoli: Northumberland vanguard

Accountable care organisations in the United States

Rachael Addicott: Accountable care organisations

Session four: Accelerating progress through system leadership

Jim Mackey: Removing barriers to place-based systems of care and providing support to local leaders


Context: Place-based systems of care

Our report, Place-based systems of care, argues that NHS organisations must work together and with others to govern the common resources available for meeting their local population’s health needs.

Radically innovative care models need to be developed that span organisational and service boundaries, supported by new approaches to commissioning and paying for care. Through this collaboration, NHS organisations will be better equipped to tackle the growing challenges that they are faced with. This conference provides a deeper insight into our proposed design principles which aim to guide the development of local systems of care.

What was discussed at the event?

Shining a spotlight on international case studies and different types of emerging systems in the NHS, national and local leaders came together to explore the options for collaboration and to find ways of accelerating progress in establishing place-based systems of care.

Conference sessions explored:

The ten design principles

We went through our proposed design principles, which are:

1. Define the population group served and the boundaries of the system

2. Identify the right partners and services that need to be involved

3. Develop a shared vision and objectives reflecting the local context and the needs and wants of the public

4. Develop an appropriate governance structure for the system of care, which must meaningfully involve patients and the public in decision making

5. Identify the right leaders to be involved in managing the system and develop a new form of system leadership

6. Agree how conflicts will be resolved and what will happen when people fail to play by the agreed rules of the system

7. Develop a sustainable financing model for the system

8. Create a dedicated team to manage the work of the system

9. Develop ‘systems within systems’ to focus on different parts of the group’s objectives

10. Develop a single set of measures to understand progress and use for improvement

Removing barriers

How can the government and national bodies in the NHS work together to remove barriers and create stronger incentives to support the development of these systems?

Strategic and integrated commissioning

What changes are needed to ensure commissioning in the future is both strategic and integrated, based on long-term contracts tied to the delivery of defined outcomes?

Accountable care in the NHS

How might ACOs develop in England? We heard from vanguard sites, Northumberland, Morecambe Bay and My Life a Full Life (Isle of Wight) on their plans to establish ACOs.

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