Mental health in primary and community care

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For the first time in the history of the NHS, primary care is undergoing significant change. The introduction of the primary care networks (PCNs) will put primary care at the forefront of the system, but what does it mean for the delivery of mental health services? These services have never been in such high demand and GPs often struggle to meet the challenge presented by this demand.

Join us at this event and hear from heads of national bodies responsible for designing and implementing the upcoming changes. Understand why integration of mental health services is the way forward and how GP practices across the country have responded to the increased demand for mental health services in the communities they serve.  

Engage in expert policy debates and learn from best practice examples, to make sure you leave the day informed about policy changes, but also inspired about ways to integrate mental health services in primary and community care. 

    What will I learn?

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    What will I learn?

    Session topics include:

    • what integration looks like in practice and why bringing together health and community services matters
    • how GPs view mental health in their practice under the lens of the long-term plan and recent policy developments
    • social prescribing as a tool for GPs
    • the role of primary care in prevention and promotion of mental health
    • how to diagnose and treat children and young people to pave the way for adult mental wellbeing
    • providing psychological support for people not meeting referral needs.



    Registration opens, exhibition and networking


    Session one: Opening plenary

    10.00amWelcome and introduction

    A patient, carer or service user will join this session - speaker to be announced soon.

    10.10amThe national vision for new models of primary and community mental health

    Viral Kantaria, Senior Programme Manager, Adult Mental Health Team, NHS England

    10.25amSetting the scene for the new primary care

    Beccy Baird, Senior Policy Fellow, The King’s Fund
    • Understand why primary care networks are at the heart of the NHS long-term plan and the implications this will have for policy. 
    • Hear about the plans to move towards delivering integrated community-based health services for the first time since the NHS was created.

    10.40amThe economic case for improving mental health services in primary care

    • Hear how investments in mental health treatment make financial sense for the system as a whole. 
    • Learn about the cost untreated distress and mental health disturbances can bring about. 

    Nick O’Shea, Chief Economist, Centre for Mental Health 
    Dr Paul Turner, Karis Medical Centre, NHS 


    Breakout A: The role of primary care in prevention and promotion

    11.45amWelcome and introduction

    A patient, carer or service user will join this session - speaker to be announced soon.

    11.50amHarnessing community assets in Essex

    Caroline Dollery, GP and Clinical Director, East of England Strategic Clinical Network for Mental Health, Neurology and Learning Disability
    • Hear how primary care can mobilise community assets to fight isolation and loneliness.

    Breakout B: Supporting people with complex needs 

    11.45amWelcome and introduction

    A patient, carer or service user will join this session - speaker to be announced soon.

    11.50amPrimary care psychological medicine in Nottinghamshire

    Nicholas Page, GP, Castle Health Practice
    • Hear how people with complex needs are offered individual, personalised care, while keeping GP practices at the centre of care. 
    • Learn how challenges were met in practice by striking a balance between offering specialised care with respecting the individual. 

    Breakout C: Children and young people

    11.50amWelcome and introduction

    A patient, carer or service user will join this session - speaker to be announced soon.

    11.50amThe importance of being trauma aware when working with children and young people

    Peter Watt, Managing Director, Family Support
    • Learn how Family Support are using understanding of brain development and trauma in its work across Hammersmith and Fulham. 
    • Understand the lifelong implications if no support is given. 
    • Hear how the organisation operates by recognising trauma, and then taking action. 


    Breakout D: Psychological support for people not meeting referral thresholds

    2.00pmWelcome and introduction

    2.05pmThe power of the webinar: how to reach high volumes of people

    Dr Mike Scanlan, Director, Kind Minds Health and Wellbeing

    Breakout E: Integration in practice

    2.00pmWelcome and introduction

    A patient, carer or service user will join this session - speaker to be announced soon.

    2.05pmManaging depression optimally in primary care

    Dr David Smart, GP Partner, Leicester Terrace Health Centre
    • Hear about the integrated depression pathway implemented in Northampton.
    • Learn about the SAFETool triage system that can mitigate suicide risk in people with depression. 

    2.25pmPutting integration first: the work of primary and community mental health team in West London

    Dr Fiona Butler, GP Principal and Chair, West London Clinical Commissioning Group
    • Learn how social prescribing can be an integral part of the GP’s toolkit. 
    • Understand how integrated services take into account the social determinants of health.

    Breakout F: Meeting the physical health needs of people with mental illness

    2.00pmWelcome and introduction

    A patient, carer or service user will join this session - speaker to be announced soon.

    2.05pmA complete coverage approach to mental health in primary care: what happens in Hackney

    Dr Rhiannon England, Chair and Clinical Director, NHS City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group
    • Hear about the development and implementation of a holistic approach that puts mental health at the heart of the GP practice.


    Session four: Closing plenary

    3.20pmWelcome back

    3.25pmPRISM: a sustainable integrated community-based service model

    Dr Emma Tiffin, GP, Mental Health Lead, NHS England
    • Hear how the primary service for mental health model (PRISM) brings together specialist mental health, primary care and community services.

    3.45pmPrimary care networks: opportunities created by the move towards a more networked approach to primary care

    National Association of Primary Care representatives - names to be announced soon
    • Hear from GPs about the future of mental health in their practice, focusing on the new vision and the challenges and opportunities it creates. 
    • Our policy expert, Beccy Baird, will join the panel to offer her reflections from the day.

    The discussion will be facilitated by a psychiatrist - speakers to be announced soon.

    Panel discussion

    4.45pmClose of conference

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