Leading breakthrough conversations: an introduction

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Are you in a job where you need to find solutions to cross-boundary issues and lead collaboratively or collectively? Are you working across systems that are having to collaborate after years of having to compete with each other? Would you like to help conversations reach positive outcomes? Are you prepared to consider doing something different in stuck conversations?

This free, introductory seminar introduces some of the key concepts and practices required to have those effective conversations. 

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Who is it for?

All professions who are currently involved in complex service and system changes will find this programme useful. You must, however, have the motivation and curiosity to examine your own practice and be prepared to extend your skills.

Managers, directors and clinicians from across health and care, including those with national roles will benefit from this programme. Those with regional leadership roles in sustainability and transformation partnerships, integrated care systems and primary care networks, who act as a bridge between systems and services and are part of the process of finding new ways forward, will also benefit. 

What will you learn?

This seminar will: 

  • introduce you to practices that can help you to breakthrough stuck conversations, using a dialogue and structural dynamics approach
  • raise your awareness of what affects your flexibility in conversations
  • give you a way of looking at the structure of conversations so that you will feel more able to notice what your habits are and do something different.

The session will include practical exercises and input from The King's Fund and will be particularly useful for anyone considering our new programme on this topic starting on the 15 October 2019.