Health and care explained (February 2021) virtual conference

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Virtual conference

Our policy experts will guide you through the latest health and social care data and explain how the system in England really works. You will hear balanced and honest views about the pressures and opportunities facing the system in 2021. 

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Live sessions took place on 22-25 February but you can still register to catch up on demand until the platform closes on Sunday 14 March.  

What do delegates think?

I was exceptionally impressed by the event and would thoroughly recommend it to my colleagues, regardless of their understanding of the NHS as the content is delivered in a clear and insightful manner.
John Harvey, Insights and Analytics Manager, Philips

As someone new to working with the NHS and social care, the presentations were clear, free of jargon and impartial. I definitely feel I understand the complexities and structures more, and even identified where my organisation sits in terms of supporting the desired changes to delivering health and wellbeing locally.
Denise Bailey, Business Development Manager, Bromley Third Sector Enterprise

Well planned, well executed, great speakers and lots of relevant resources. A first rate event by a first class organisation
Allegra Lynch, Chief Executive, Camden Carers Centre

My understanding of the wider healthcare economy and the drivers for health has improved drastically (and I've worked in the NHS for over 30 years!)
Fiona Scarlett, Maternity Investigator, Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch

I was concerned about screen fatigue but found that the way it was organised was just enough for enjoying it without feeling exhausted.
Natalia Lewis, Research Fellow, University of Bristol

All the speakers were clear, measured in their response to questions and worked well as a team. The industry and quality of the output from The King's Fund is remarkable and much needed in this complex arena. 
Helen Jellicoe, Clinical and Coaching Psychologist 

As a private sector provider of social care services, this conference provided me with a very useful perspective on the complexity of the health and care system in England.
Robert Connor, Director, Holywell Care Group



Ruth Robertson

Senior Fellow, The King’s Fund


Durka Dougall

Senior Consultant, Leadership and Organisational evelopment, The King’s Fund


Helen McKenna

Senior Fellow, Policy and Communications, The King’s Fund


Richard Murray

Chief Executive, The King’s Fund


Anna Charles

Senior Policy Adviser, The King’s Fund


Simon Bottery

Senior Policy Fellow, The King’s Fund


Veena Raleigh

Senior Fellow, Policy, The King’s Fund


Jonathon Holmes

Policy Adviser, The King’s Fund


Alex Baylis

Assistant Director of Policy, The King’ Fund


Siva Anandaciva

Chief Analyst, The King’s Fund


Leo Ewbank

Researcher, Policy, The King’s Fund


David Buck

Senior Fellow, Public health and inequalities, The King’s Fund

Week one

Monday 15 February

Access the conference

We will email you a link to access the conference. Please log in and get familiar with the platform. Take this opportunity to introduce yourself to other attendees and visit the exhibition. You will need to use an up-to-date web browser. We recommend using Google Chrome or FireFox on a laptop or desktop

Week two

Monday 22 February

9.30–10.30am: Session one - health care explained

You'll learn about how the NHS is structured and why it matters. We'll explore how money flows through the system, the main commissioners and providers of care, and how care is regulated.  

11.00am–12.00pm: Session two - social care explained

Understand who uses social care services, who works in them and how they are funded. Leave this session with a better understanding of the role of social care in 2021 and the importance of delivering the right social care for people, families and NHS services.  

Tuesday 23 February

9.30–10.30am: Session three - public and population health explained

Discover what public and population health entail and how they fit with other parts of health and care. Find out who public health practitioners are and where and how they work.

11.00–12.00pm: Session four- current big issues in health and care

Hear about the key issues in health and care, including the health and social care workforce, funding and Brexit. 

Wednesday 24 February

9.30–10.30am: Session five- integrated care systems explained

This session will explore what integrated care systems are, how they’re developing and what they mean for commissioning, health and care providers, and how care is delivered locally.

11.00am–12.00pm: Session six- Covid-19 response and recovery

This session will sum up the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic in England and some of the issues it has highlighted, including health inequalities and social care provision.

Thursday 25 February

9.30–10.30am: Session seven- looking to the future

This session will cover topics including social care reform, digital health and care, and building a patient-centred health and care system.

11.00am–12.00pm: Session eight- hot topics in health and care

Hear from speakers on key subjects in today’s world of health and social care and the issues that have arisen throughout the week. Take the opportunity to consolidate your learning and ask our speakers questions that you have not yet had the chance to raise.

Weeks three-four

Closes Sunday 14 March

Catch up and complete

You will have until Sunday 14 March to re-watch or catch up on any sessions you've missed.

Throughout the conference, we will share PDFs of the presentation slides in the lecture theatre, links to resources in the networking area and various materials in the exhibition. Once the platform closes on this date, you will no longer have access to the resources so please ensure you have downloaded all of the materials beforehand.

Contact details

Booking enquiries

If you’d like to make a booking enquiry, please email Anna Viralainen at

Programme enquiries

If you have any queries relating to our event programmes, please contact Caroline Viac at

Sponsorship and exhibition enquiries

To find out more about our sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please contact Danielle Roche at


High-quality, up-to-date content is delivered to you via an online platform that is open for four weeks. During the first week, you will have the opportunity to log in, test your connection and become familiar with the set-up. The live sessions will take place over four half-days in the second week, giving you the option to catch up on demand until the end of week four.

Virtual conferences mean you can digest content at your own pace and work around a busy schedule. You can pause and rewind presentations and put your questions to our expert speakers. There is a 'main room' for sharing resources and the option of one-to-one networking. Virtual exhibition stands enable you to interact with a range of organisations who will share expertise and information – all at a time that suits you.

  • Before the event, tell your colleagues that you are taking part and block out the time in your diary
  • Make sure you are using an up-to-date web browser on a laptop or desktop. We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox for the best delegate experience.
  • In week one, introduce yourself in the main chat. This is an easy way of ‘getting your voice in the room’, starting conversations and establishing new relationships with colleagues in health and care. 
  • Avoid as many distractions as possible so you can immerse yourself in the sessions as you would at a physical conference. Treat each session as a meeting, put your phone on silent and close down your emails.
  • If you know you won’t be able to watch certain sessions live, you can submit your questions in advance and put aside time in the third or fourth week to catch up on demand.
  • Each session is approximately one hour long and there is always at least a half-an-hour break between sessions so you can take a screen break or catch up on emails.
  • Make the most of the online community by taking part in the live Q&As and opting in to one-to-one networking. 
  • Make sure you secure time in your diary at some point over the four weeks to visit the exhibition stands, where you will find free resources and can have conversations with experts from across the health and care system.

When the event is taking place, there will be technical support available at all times but it is worth using the extra time before the first session to log in and test your connection, just in case.


Throughout the conference, we will share PDFs of the presentation slides in the lecture theatre, links to resources in the networking area and various materials in the exhibition. 

The portal is open for four weeks from Monday 15 February to Sunday 14 March, when you will have the opportunity to either watch, save or download these resources. 

Once the platform closes, you will no longer have access to these materials so please ensure you save everything you need beforehand. 

The King's Fund is an independent charitable organisation working to improve health and care in England. Our events are a key source of income, and this income enables us to continue with our charitable objectives

The cost of running a virtual conference is similar to that of a physical event. Although a virtual conference has fewer room hire and catering costs, in order to produce a high-quality event, we still need to pay the costs for the technical supplier, support and developing the platform. With some sessions taking place in our building, we do have to cover some venue costs. We also have a team of dedicated events professionals, content experts, digital, marketing and finance support that work on these events.  

Any profit that is made from these events goes directly towards achieving our strategic priorities. You can find out more about how we are funded here

We offer a number of free bursary places for patients and carers. These places are limited to maintain a balance of voices in the room between patients, service users, carers, and health and care professionals.  To apply for a bursary place please email us a short paragraph explaining why you wish to attend.

When you register for this event, we will ask you to email us at if you have any accessibility requirements. 

Ticket prices

Please note, there is a £20 surcharge to cover the cost of processing invoices. This is an addition to the ticket price and will be added to your invoice. There is no charge for paying by debit or credit card.

  • Public sector, charity or university - £95 + VAT
  • Small-medium sized enterprise (SME) - £145 + VAT
  • Commercial/profit-making organisation - £195 + VAT

Student tickets

If you are a student in full-time education, please email us for a promotional code, with a photograph of your valid student ID. Student tickets are £45+VAT.

Bursary tickets

We offer a number of free bursary places for patients and carers. These places are limited to maintain a balance of voices in the room between patients, service users, carers, and health and care professionals.  To apply for a bursary place please email us a short paragraph explaining why you wish to attend.