Facing the future: how will we pay for the next 50 years of care?

Time to Think Differently
The King's Fund

About this event

This event marked the launch of our new report on Spending on health and social care over the next 50 years.

Part of our Time to Think Differently programme, the event provided a timely opportunity to discuss the pressures to increase spending on health and social care, the implications of this and the different options for funding in future.

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Highlights from this event

Dan Wellings: public perceptions on health and social care funding

Dan Wellings

Dan Wellings
Dan Wellings, Head of Public Health Research at Ipsos MORI, gives an interesting insight into what the public think about the funding of health and social care.

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Mark Britnell: how will we pay for the next 50 years of care?

Mark Britnell

Mark Britnell
Mark Britnell, Chairman of KPMG's Global Health Practice, draws on what other countries are doing to respond to health care spending pressures, including the Netherlands, Canada, Singapore and Japan.

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Speaker presentations

You can download the presentations from the speakers below.