Digital health and care explained: demystifying the tech revolution in health and care

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The promise that digital technology will revolutionise health and care has never been more prominent, with the Department of Health emphatically promoting the benefits of tech for the NHS. But do we really understand the possibilities of tech, and how can we be prepared for the potential radical transformation it might bring? 

Join us in March to find out about policy challenges, operational innovations, research breakthroughs and how we can make sense of it all. Experts from The King’s Fund will demystify tech and consider the practical realities of implementation, joined by selected specialists in the field.  

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    Session topics

    • What is the current situation in the NHS regarding the adoption of tech solutions?
    • How much digital change can the system tolerate? 
    • How can adoption of innovation be accelerated?
    • What role will artificial intelligence (AI) play in the future of the NHS? 
    • What will technology mean for patient empowerment?
    • What are the digital applications that will speak to the hearts of frontline NHS staff? 
    • How can we overcome the challenges data can bring, and how can proper data handling be used to save lives?

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    Session one: Where are we now?

    9.45amWelcome and introduction

    9.50amWho is responsible for what in the national bodies?

    Matt Honeyman, Policy Researcher, The King’s Fund
    • Understand the core components of the complex structure of the digital landscape within the NHS. 
    • Gain an overview of all things digital with a focus on tools for staff and infrastructure. 
    • Learn how the task of implementing tech tools for the health care system of tomorrow is shared within  the national bodies. 

    10.20amWhat does the digital experience look like for patients at the moment?

    Indra Joshi, Digital health and AI clinical Lead, NHS England
    • Understand what the digitalising of services means for patients in practice and what the digital innovation standards will mean for patients at a national level.
    • Learn how patient experience is changing and what is being done to support the forthcoming changes. 

    10.50amThe experts answer the questions you were too afraid to ask

    Matt Honeyman, Policy Researcher, The King’s Fund 
    Indra Joshi, Digital Health and AI Clinical Lead, NHS England 


    Session two: Implementing innovation

    11.40amWelcome and introduction

    11.45amExploring the human, cultural and organisational challenges of implementing tech

    • How to prepare your organisation for the implementation of new technology to minimize resistance to change. 
    • Hear how the promise of the new health care system can become a reality, harnessing the benefits of tech without leaving members of staff behind.
    • Understand how to achieve real implementation by realising what the process entails in practice.
    • Learn how to promote digital literacy and professionalism regarding use of technology in health care delivery. 
    • Hear about the NHS long-term plan from a digital perspective. 

    James Freed, Chief Information Officer, Health Education England
    Suzie Bailey, Director, Leadership and Organisational Development, The King’s Fund 
    Eddie Olla, Regional Director of Patients and Information, NHS England


    Breakout A: Empowering patients through digital technology

    Delegates can choose between breakouts A and B. 

    1.45amWelcome and introduction

    1.50pmEmpowering patients through digital technology

    In this session we will cover practical examples of what the new digital ecosystem would mean for patients and how the quality of services can be transformed through the use of technology. From not sending letters to patients, to harnessing the smartphone revolution to offer a better patient experience, understand why the digital future cannot come too soon for the NHS.  

    Liz Ashall-Payne, Chief Executive Officer, ORCHA
    Leanne Summers, Digital Strategy, Delivery Lead for 'Empower the Person', NHS England 

    Breakout B: Primary care going digital

    1.45pmWelcome and introduction

    1.50pmPrimary care going digital

    In this session, we will explore the ways that technology is changing the face of primary care. With the GP practice, under unprecedented stress, could technology be the answer to primary care troubles? From sharing information and utilising data to offer holistic care, to booking appointments online and virtual consultations, understand how technology can shape the GP practice of tomorrow. 

    Beccy Baird, Senior Policy Fellow, The King’s Fund 

    2.00pmInsights from Healthwatch Enfield

    Healthwatch Enfield present their research from talking to over 1000 patients about their thoughts of using apps, video-calling and email in primary care, in addition to their experiences of using existing technology, such as GP online services. 

    Patricia Mecinska, Chief Executive, Healthwatch Enfield
    Emma Friddin, Policy, Insight and Research Manager, Healthwatch Enfield 


    Breakout C: Social care and technology

    Delegates can choose between breakouts C and D. 

    2.30pmWelcome and introduction

    2.35pmSocial care and technology

    In this session we will explore how digital maturity can improve adult social care and how the sector can benefit from being connected to other IT systems in health care delivery. Learn about the different tools that can ensure that social care is an integral part of the patient’s journey - seamless delivery being the objective. 

    Richard Humphries, Senior Policy Fellow, The King’s Fund 
    Alyson Scurfield, Chief Executive, TSA

    Breakout D: Towards a new digital mental health

    2.30pmWelcome and introduction

    2.35pmTowards a new digital mental health

    In this session, we will explore what the future of e-mental health will look like. From online cognitive behaviour therapy, to encouraging the use of meditation apps, the NHS seems to increasingly rely on technology to facilitate better access and timely delivery of mental health services.

    Ayesha Rahim, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust 


    Session five: Future paradigms of high tech solution

    3.40pmWelcome back

    3.45pmHow can we explain artificial intelligence (AI)?

    Rose Gray, Policy Manager, Cancer Research UK
    • Hear a high-level explanation of AI and how it could be applied in health care.
    • Understand how AI can radically change the day-to-day life of staff, patients and practically everyone involved in health care.

    4.00pmThe possibilities and dangers of using patient data

    Natalie Banner, ‘Understanding patient data’ Lead, Wellcome Trust
    • Hear how we can we ensure that patient data is used ethically and responsibly, while facilitating the development of new data-driven technologies. 
    • Understand how to keep patients data-savvy, by developing materials for them to understand how their data is used. 

    4.15pmData, a proper understanding

    David Maguire, Senior Policy Analyst, The King’s Fund
    • Hear how the health and social care sector gathers and uses patient and administrative data to improve services provided to patients.
    • Learn how data gathering can be a burden to providers and the difficulties the sector faces in trying to develop its analytical capabilities. 

    4.45pmClose of conference


    Engage with leaders and decision-makers from across the health and care sector by sponsoring or exhibiting at this event. To find out more, please email Danielle Roche or call her on 020 7307 2482.




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