Digital Health and Care Congress 2016

Enabling patient-centred care through information and technology
56 Jul 2016
The King's Fund, London W1G 0AN
Event type: 
Two-day congress


Event highlights

Matthew Swindells: The importance of digital health in the implementation of the NHS five year forward view

Mustafa Suleyman: New ways for technology to enhance patient care

Dame Fiona Caldicott: Data security in the NHS

Presentations: Day 1

Presentations: Tuesday 5 July

Session two: Breakout sessions

Gemma Wilson

Supporting improvement through the development of an innovative hydration monitoring solution for care home settings

Ian Wiles

The accurate measurement of pressure ulcers using tablet and smartphone technology

Jonathon Carr-Brown

Truth 3.0: hearing the patient’s voice in emergency, urgent and advance care planning

Matt James

A review of progress and uptake of digital health innovations

Anthony Cornford

An emerging world of digital medicines: a multi-episode study

Candace Imison

Delivering the benefits of digital healthcare

Agnieszka Ignatowicz Patrick Elder

Analysis of data to look at ethical implications

Jason Madan

Health economic findings

Mark Sujan

A qualitative study of patient safety and security risks

Xavier Griffiths

Use of digital clinical communication for families and carers of children and young people with short or long term conditions (LYNCS study): a rapid review

Caroline Sanders

Experience - based design of a mobile phone system for supporting service users with serious mental illness in community settings

Alison Sturgess-Durden

A new approach to the evaluation of online therapy within IAPT services at scale through integration

Manon Bruinsma

Use of individualised music access for people with dementia

Session three: Breakout sessions

Claire Harding

Using machine learning algorithms to assess the clinical severity of depression among users of a digital mental health platform

Jonathan Ward

Creating a virtuous cycle of digital health enterprise sustainability: Lessons learnt from Breaking Free Online

Stephanie Dugdale

Transforming substance misuse services though computer-assisted therapy

Kenneth Law

Using an app to help diabetic patients monitor their blood sugar levels and help prevent hypoglycaemia for Type 2 diabetic patients

Lynn Austin

REMORA (Remote monitoring of Rheumatoid Arthritis) using a smartphone app

Thomas Sutton

The role of user experience in adoption and adherence to a digital lifestyle change tool for blood pressure reduction

Katherine Adams

Implementing a Multidisciplinary Hospital Wide Clinical EPR System at Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Lea Marais

CYGNUS: A digital brain health platform for improving dementia outcomes

Samit Shah

NHS 111 Patient Relationship Manager

Sergio Pillon

Using telemedicine to manage the for wound care service in the Italian public health care system

Steve Tope

Quest for Quality in Care Homes – using telehealth care to enable integrated, anticipatory and sustainable health and care services

Session four: Rapid-fire poster session

Mike May poster presentation

Mike May poster

Digital technology for communication between clinicians and young patients with chronic conditions (LYNCS study) –An international review

Niels Peek poster presentation

Niels Peek poster

Out-of-home activity recognition from GPS data in schizophrenic patients

Lisa Brunton poster presentation

Lisa Brunton poster

Perspectives and experiences of health professionals on the implementation and use of telehealth for COPD services: towards personalised and holistic support

Vivienne Burgon poster presentation

Using real-time online reports to improve care for patients with hip fracture

Presentations: Day 2

Presentations: Wednesday 6 July

Breakfast workshop

Neel Gupta and Hasib Aftab

The Camden Integrated Digital Record tale: enabling the clinical transformation agenda across health and social care

Session two: Breakout sessions

Paolo Fraccaro

Patients’ online access and interpretation of laboratory test results: a human computer interaction study

Andy Minnion

Multimedia Advocacy: Tools and techniques that put patients at the centre of their health and care and transform how we deliver the service

Cees Hanna

Supported self-care through technology

Graham Worsley

Home-based gait training following knee and hip arthroplasty

Janie Thomson

Capacity building in community AHP services by leveraging a care management technology platform for exercise rehabilitation

Prakash Jayakumar

Improving outcomes after hip and knee replacement surgery

Daniel Marsden

Employing informatics to improve hospital care for people with learning disabilities

Andrew Fenton

Connecting care: The jigsaw of interoperability at scale in health and social care

David Champeaux

Predictive analytics health model for patients with long-term conditions in Spain

Richard Latham

The effectiveness of a web-based mindfulness course as an intervention treatment for NHS patients

Shon Lewis

Smartphone-enhanced symptom management and relapse prevention: a randomised controlled trial

Session three: Breakout sessions

Paul Davenport

Achieving the outcomes of a high reliability organization through the creation of a centralized operations center

Thomas Newsom-Davis

Acute oncology: an app for healthcare professionals

Julie Barnett

Embedding relationship and behaviour change evidence in digital delivery: the example of myPace

Jenny Thomas

Transforming patient attendance in gynaecology

Sagar Jilka

Patient access to medical records: an on-going longitudinal evaluation of a care information exchange across diabetes patients in North West London

Harry Longman

Seeking help from your GP online: how to break the logjam in digital access

Trafford Care Co-ordination Centre: Supporting People with Health and Social Care Needs

Session four: Rapid-fire poster session

David Champeaux poster presentation

David Champeaux poster

Accenture Doctors Survey 2015

Sally Pezaro poster presentation

Sally Pezaro poster

Involving an expert panel in the development of an online intervention designed to support midwives in work-related psychological distress: Exploring the outcomes of a Delphi study

Robert Dunlop poster presentation

Robert Dunlop and Lisa Elsevier poster

Active clinical decision support – empowering primary care clinicians to deliver preventative care to that can cut costs and save lives

Jonathan Mayes poster

Developing a device to decrease hospital acquired infection

Julian Hamann poster presentation

Assessment of a smartphone-connected otoscope and associated healthcare communication platform

Session five: Closing plenary

Fiona Caldicott

Keynote address: Data security in the NHS

Bob Wachter

Keynote address: the digital future of the NHS


About this event

Our annual Digital Health and Care Congress provided a key opportunity to explore how the better use of technology and data can support and enable the developments needed to transform outcomes for patients and citizens.

Programme for Digital Health and Care Congress 2016


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