Commission interim report launch: Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England

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Kate Barker introduced the interim report from the Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England at a breakfast launch event. Responses to the report were heard from journalists, Jackie Ashley and Camilla Cavendish, and the audience heard a moving story about difficulties in the care system from one of the commission's experts by experience, Dominic Stenning.

Video highlights from the interim report launch

Kate Barker introduces the interim report findings

Kate Barker introduces the interim report's findings, explaining that the interim report is about choice. The commissioners are putting forward a number of hard choices for politicians and the public to make about health and social care.

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Jackie Ashley, Columnist, The Guardian, responds

Jackie Ashley drew on her own experience of caring for her father and her husband, and said that she was struck by the moving responses she received to her columns on this subject.

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Camilla Cavendish, Associate editor, The Sunday Times, responds

According to Camilla Cavendish, the NHS could learn a lot from social care, a sector which has seen a great deal of innovation that should not be lost through integration.

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Dominic Stenning's story

Dominic Stenning, a member of the experts by experience group that has been working with the commission, told his powerful story at the launch of the commission's interim report.

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