Applying tools and measures to support personalised care

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This event provided insight into how to use the information gained from tools and measures, such as the patient activation measure (PAM), to assess the requirements of patients and populations and tailor care and support accordingly.

The event was supported by Abbvie and they have produced an event summary that outlines the key themes from the event:

Applying tools and measures to support personalised care event summary




The impact of delivering personalised care

  • Dr Karen Eastman, Clinical Director, NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG

Practicing person and community centred care - the tools of the trade

  • Dr Ollie Hart, GP and Clinical Lead for Person-centred care, NHS Sheffield CCG

Promoting prevention and supporting customers to improve their own health and care

  • Rachael Byrne, Executive Director, New Models of Care, Home Group

Engaging clinicians and patients in the concept and importance of activation

  • Jonathan Hope, Expert Patient

Independent evaluation of the feasibility of using the Patient Activation Measure in the NHS in England

  • Dr Sarah Chew, Research Associate, Social Science Applied to Healthcare Improvement Research, University of Leicester

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