Leading for the delivery of integrated care

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Since 2011, the NHS has been promoting various policies and initiatives to address the poor co-ordination of services both within the NHS and between health and social care.

The delivery of effective high-quality co-ordinated care requires comprehensive changes to the way in which managers and their teams work. 

This new programme has been designed for senior managers and clinicians responsible for delivering integrated patient-centred services. 

Please note, although it is our preference to host this course face-to-face, due to the changing situation with Covid-19, it may be necessary for us to move the learning experience online at short notice. 

Is this course for me?

This programme is designed for senior managers and clinicians responsible for leading the delivery of high-quality coordinated care.  

The content is relevant if you are responsible for integrated services either within the boundaries of a single organisation, such as a hospital, or working in a partnership role with two or more organisations or a hybrid role that incorporates both single and partnership responsibilities.

You might be employed by the local integrated care system or integrated care partnership or neighbourhood and might be leading teams and coaching others to work in new ways to achieve improved patient/carer outcomes. 

What will you learn?

Join us to improve your knowledge and develop your leadership skills so you can:

  • navigate complex multi-agency environments
  • engage and inspire people from a range of organisations
  • lead change across organisational and professional boundaries
  • partner with a range of external organisations and work with different perspectives
  • bring people together who have previously had little contact with each other
  • introduce new approaches to deliver care across traditional sector silos
  • create the conditions to allow staff to innovate
  • apply system-wide thinking to the issues you are dealing with.


Before starting the programme you will have a one-to-one phone call with one of the programme directors to refine your personal goals for attending the programme.

There will be four two-day, in-person modules that will take place over a seven to nine-month period. In each of these modules, there will be protected time for you to work on some of your work-related issues. 

We will ask you to consolidate and amplify your learning in the modules by carrying out simple, practical exercises in your own workplace so that you learn to apply the principles and practices from the course to address real-life challenges.

Course structure

All modules take place in person and will cover the following.

Module one:

  • Introduction to system thinking – theory and practice
  • Exercises and discussion to enable you to begin to systematically apply system thinking in your work
  • Case study
  • Knowledge of other local health and care systems

Module two:

  • Leading and managing change
  • Building partnerships
  • Working with other organisations

Module three:

  • Teaming and team dynamics
  • Inter-professional working
  • New ways of working

Module four:

  • Sense-making
  • Individual action plans
  • Creating narratives
  • Communications

Following completion of the four modules, there will be two online network meetings followed by a final one-day in-person meeting at The King’s Fund.

Programme team


Nicola Walsh

Assistant Director, Leadership and organisational development

Jeremy Cox

Jeremy Cox

Senior Consultant, Leadership and organisational development

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