Accountable care systems and organisations (ACSs and ACOs) Learning network

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We have created a learning network for anyone involved in developing an accountable care system (ACS) or organisation (ACO) in their area. This network offers an opportunity to join peers facing similar challenges and learn from successful examples both here and internationally.

The health system in England is facing a number of challenges including an ageing population, an increasing number of people with multiple, long-term conditions and a difficult financial climate. To meet these challenges, more integrated approaches to care delivery are needed to improve both the quality of care and patients' experience.

ACOs build on previous efforts to integrate services in the NHS, and their development draws on experience from health systems in the United States and other countries. For many areas, an ACS or ACO in which a group of providers work together for a defined population is seen as an effective way of delivering more integrated care to patients (and carers) and delivering on the aims of the NHS five year forward view.

Who is it for?

The network is for senior managers and clinicians interested or/and already involved in developing ACSs, ACOs and other new care models for their local population.

The network will be limited to eight areas – and each area will be able to send three members.

    How will you benefit from this programme?

    On this learning network, you will benefit from:

    • access to learning from other places, both in the UK and internationally
    • peer group challenge and networking with others from across England
    • protected time out to consider – with input from The King’s Fund staff – how you may introduce change locally.

    What will you do on this programme?

    You will take part in five facilitated meetings here at The King’s Fund to share learning and experiences, and to hear from national and international experts. Some of these experts will be chosen in consultation with the group members during the network and may include speakers from programme members’ sites.

    Meetings will cover a range of topics, including:

    • developing outcomes
    • introducing care co-ordination strategies at scale
    • clinical engagement
    • risk-sharing arrangements
    • governance mechanisms.

    There is no single model for an ACS or ACO, and so local context is important in shaping the approach taken. The meetings will allow you time to explore what organisational capabilities are needed for developing an ACS or ACO and how you might introduce changes locally.

    Programme team


    Nicola Walsh

    Assistant director, Leadership and organisational development

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