Covid-19: transition and recovery

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As people come to terms with the impact of Covid-19, we can support you in this in the following ways.

How we can support you

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Sense making and capturing learning from the Covid-19 experience 

We can help you place the experience in a system-wide context, reflect on key learning and identify actionable knowledge. We can help you explore:

  • how best to regroup and repurpose, organise and clarify roles
  • how to create common purpose across systems when there is no longer a common enemy.

Planning in uncertain times 

The future seems more unpredictable than ever. That need not mean avoiding making strategic decisions. We can support a process of scenario planning to test possible futures:

  • engaging cross sections of organisations or systems
  • challenging assumptions, creating possibilities
  • agreeing ideas to test, refine and adapt.

Explore the cultural implications of the changes you want to achieve

If you have seen glimpses of new ways of working and relationships developing, we can support your system’s leaders to:

  • understand what it takes to change culture
  • know how to work with both planned and emergent change
  • engage your teams in sustaining change
  • work with the whole system in mind.

OD support for diversity and inclusion leaders

Systemic inequalities endure across the health and care system, for staff, patients and communities. We work with small networks of diversity and inclusion leaders to:

  • explore the context and implications and what diversity and inclusion mean at individual and organisation levels
  • gain confidence in OD techniques that support groups to work with difference and build common ground
  • build skills in leading systemic change.

Create a coaching culture to enable distributive leadership

For many leaders the Covid-19 crisis required them to take charge, reassure their teams and take decisions at speed. Many are now wondering how to reset after the moment of ‘command and control’. We enable leaders to:

  • explore your preferred style in leading and engaging others
  • understand the impact of different interventions in conversations
  • develop tools and techniques for enabling others to take their own decisions
  • build distributed leadership in complex situations where there is no one right answer.

OD in a virtual world

During lockdown so many people were forced to work from home, with little notice or planning. The experiment has produced surprising outcomes, positive and negative. Organisations are now considering ways of continuing the practice, wanting to ensure that both productivity and wellbeing are protected. We can:

  • explore the mindset as well as the skillset needed to make virtual working a success
  • understand how you can develop trusting relationships virtually
  • consider how best to protect staff wellbeing
  • support leaders to be psychologically savvy in the virtual space.

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