9 February 2016 | Comments: 2

John Appleby looks at new data from the British Social Attitudes survey to understand why people are satisfied or dissatisfied with the NHS.

5 February 2016 | Comments: 2

With the publication today of our briefing on the impact of the NHS planning guidance, Phoebe Dunn discusses the key findings and what this could mean for the future of the NHS.

3 February 2016 | Comments: 10

With January now having drawn to a close, Vijaya Nath takes the opportunity to review the challenges for clinical leaders in the year ahead.

1 February 2016 | Comments: 17

Michael West discusses why work-related stress is widespread among staff in the NHS, and what can be done to address the root cause of the problem.

Guest blog
29 January 2016 | Comments: 5

Binita Kane reflects on the challenge of aligning the different perspectives of managers and frontline medical staff, and why an effective leadership strategy is important for health service providers.

27 January 2016 | Comments: 4

New technologies could potentially be put to use in the NHS, but the challenge lies in persuading health care providers to take up new models and methods of care. Matthew Honeyman looks at the upcoming policy developments that could enable successful integration.

25 January 2016 | Comments: 10

Chris Ham reflects on the recent announcement that three former senior health ministers have proposed a cross-party commission to tackle the substantial pressures now facing health and social care.

22 January 2016 | Comments: 4

Media reports suggest that the Chancellor is actively considering a radical reform of pension tax relief. Nicholas Timmins considers the potential outcomes.

20 January 2016 | Comments: 23

John Appleby looks at how much we would need to spend on health to close the spending gap between the United Kingdom and other EU and OECD countries.

20 January 2016 | Comments: 10

There are plenty of high-profile problems to keep NHS leaders awake at night, but what are the underlying issues behind the headlines?

18 January 2016 | Comments: 7

Will NHS leaders embrace the opportunities offered by the new NHS planning guidance to plan and deliver care based on places rather than organisations? Hugh Alderwick considers the challenges and timescales involved.

Richard Murray
14 January 2016 | Comments: 2

Richard Murray reflects on the implications of the new NHS planning guidance and how funding from the newly created Sustainability and Transformation Fund will be allocated.

Shilpa Ross
11 January 2016 | Comments: 7

Shilpa Ross considers how, at a challenging time for the NHS, we can create compassionate cultures for patients and staff alike.

4 January 2016 | Comments: 12

Chris Ham considers how the NHS can tackle the biggest challenge it faces in 2016 - meeting the £22 billion productivity challenge.

21 December 2015 | Comments: 5

David Maguire discusses the issues surrounding premature discharge or people leaving hospital too soon and the effect this may have on re-admission rates.

Guest blog
17 December 2015 | Comments: 4

Anna Moore reflects on how medical leaders can help to develop new models of care and integrate services around the needs of patients.

Mandip Kaur
16 December 2015 | Comments: 1

Mandip Kaur asks how we can have open and honest conversations about difference and what it is like to be discriminated against.

Joni Jabbal
10 December 2015 | Comments: 6

Joni Jabbal looks at what enables NHS acute trusts to take data from inpatient surveys, understand it, work with it, and use it to improve patient experience overall.

Ben Collins
8 December 2015 | Comments: 10

Will vanguards be able to make significant changes to the configuration of local health and care systems, while sustaining existing services in a difficult environment, with limited spare cash and growing service pressures?

7 December 2015

Do the public still trust doctors and nurses to deliver high-quality care and put patients’ interests first, or could high-profile failings and inspection results have contributed to a change in public opinion?