Shilpa Ross
30 January 2017 | Comments: 1

Quality improvement requires commitment, resources and strong leadership to deliver sustainable results. Shilpa Ross looks at what we can learn from mental health organisations.

Richard Murray
28 January 2017 | Comments: 1

The number of NHS trusts reporting operational pressures is unprecedented, and bed occupancy levels are unsustainably high. Richard Murray examines the story behind the numbers.

Don Berwick
26 January 2017 | Comments: 7

Don Berwick sees the impact of work under way in the vanguards, and considers how their innovative approaches could be shared more widely across the NHS.

23 January 2017 | Comments: 4

David Buck looks at the seemingly paradoxical trends in children and young people’s health and wellbeing, and argues that it’s time for policy-makers to start responding.

19 January 2017 | Comments: 2

With the winner of our ‘The NHS if…’ essay competition due to be announced next month, Katie Mantell reflects on the wide array of insightful ideas submitted.

18 January 2017 | Comments: 6

Chris Ham argues that some 'waste' in health care is necessary to deliver better value in the longer-term.

17 January 2017

Patrick Hall asks whether personalised care planning and budgets could improve the experiences of people with complex needs, achieve better outcomes and make better use of limited resources.

9 January 2017 | Comments: 5

Beccy Baird reflects on perceived public feeling towards the proposal that the NHS should invest in community-based health care rather than hospitals.

Richard Murray
21 December 2016 | Comments: 8

As we publish our new briefing, Richard Murray considers the wider context of increasing demand and activity in English hospitals.

16 December 2016 | Comments: 2

Chris Naylor looks at whether mental health is being considered carefully enough in the development of sustainability and transformation plans.

14 December 2016 | Comments: 5

Following Jeremy Hunt’s comments about whether the creation of a general management class in the NHS in the 1980s had been a mistake, Matthew Lewis reflects on whether this is the case – and how clinical leadership can be better developed.

Ben Collins
12 December 2016 | Comments: 2

Ben Collins reflects on the reasons behind the failure of the UnitingCare contract, and lessons that have been learnt for commissioning in the NHS.

11 December 2016 | Comments: 2

Widespread dismay greeted the omission of any reference in the 2016 Autumn Statement to the perilous state of social care funding. Richard Humphries looks at the options available.

7 December 2016 | Comments: 6

Following our recent event on keeping people safer in the health and care system, David Naylor reflects on how the ‘implementation gap’ between theory and practice can be narrowed.

1 December 2016 | Comments: 3

With the publication of a new national framework for improvement and leadership development in NHS-funded services, Michael West considers how it offers optimism and practical next steps for a beleaguered NHS.

Joni Jabbal
1 December 2016 | Comments: 1

Over the summer, a judicial review ruled that NHS England has the legal power to fund the use of anti-retroviral drugs (pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP) for HIV prevention as well as for treatment.

25 November 2016 | Comments: 7

With recent research from Age UK suggesting that 1.2 million older people are not receiving the social care they need, Anna Charles looks at how this issue appears to be slipping under the radar.

24 November 2016 | Comments: 9

With recent discussion around the lack of patient and public involvement in the development of STPs so far, Mark Doughty considers how this can be addressed moving forward.

24 November 2016

Lynsey Hawker looks through The King’s Fund’s archive to explore how guidance on what constitutes good-quality patient information has changed over the years.

18 November 2016

With the much-anticipated Autumn Statement next week and NHS financial pressures hitting the headlines, Chris Ham considers the political context and what lies ahead for a health service on the brink.