Your top three challenges for health and social care

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Our Chief Executive Chris Ham asked his Twitter followers to name their top three challenges for health and care. The responses ranged widely but there were some common themes - and money featured prominently. Do you agree with these responses? Tell us what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Planning our programme @TheKingsFund for 2015. What are top 3 challenges for health and care we should work on?

— Chris Ham (@profchrisham) August 21, 2014

Change, privatisation and politics

Patient care and medicine

Service integration and technology

Workforce, culture and leadership


Kathryn Hudson

Comment date
22 August 2014
Getting on with each other when politics sets you apart

Brian Aird

The work-life partnership
Comment date
23 August 2014
1 What kind of NHS are we willing to pay for 2 How to create a level playing field for NHS providers in a mixed provider economy (to overcome cherry picking) 3 How to change the climate from asking permission to 'just do it'

Justin Eade

Creative Director & Digital Health Innovator,
Comment date
25 August 2014
Agree with many of these above:
[+ would add these examples]

• 'Innovation adoption', 'technology'
[e.g. Integrating Digital Health & mHealth solutions.]

• 'More emphasis and clarity on Self Management.'
[e.g. Better strategies for public health & digital resources for Prevention.]

• 'Achieving equality for mental health, key to seeing person holistically...'
[e.g. Integrated Health - includes access to complementary health, including effective therapy referrals.]

Lynn Hoppenbrouwers

Parent Particiption Project Manager,
Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum
Comment date
02 September 2014
Integration of all health and social care
Participation of service users
Minimum standards for all workforce - skills, knowledge & 'attitude'

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