Blog tagged as: Public health and inequalities

5 June 2017 | Comments: 1

David Buck assesses the parties’ commitments to both public health and the wider policies that are so important to improving population health.

19 May 2017 | Comments: 1

How does living in diverse, deprived inner cities affect our experience of health and what does this mean for services? David Buck looks at the work one charity is doing to answer this question.

18 May 2017 | Comments: 1

Alongside the launch of our report on mental health and new models of care, Chris Naylor explores some of the benefits of investing in mental health.

8 May 2017

Alex Baylis considers the future of HIV services in England against a backdrop of a fragmented system created by reforms.

Guest blog
Jane Shepherd
4 May 2017

Guest author Jane Shepherd shares her personal experience of how decisions about health policy affect people living with HIV.

24 April 2017 | Comments: 6

Chris Ham sets out five tests for assessing the credibility of expected commitments on health and social care in the parties’ election manifestos.

Ruth Robertson
3 April 2017 | Comments: 2

Ruth Robertson looks at the impact of wider financial pressures on genito-urinary medicine (GUM) services, and what this means for service users.

27 February 2017 | Comments: 2

Has the role of housing been given adequate consideration in sustainability and transformation plans? David Buck argues the importance of delivering health and housing services and developing policy together.

23 January 2017 | Comments: 4

David Buck looks at the seemingly paradoxical trends in children and young people’s health and wellbeing, and argues that it’s time for policy-makers to start responding.

17 January 2017

Patrick Hall asks whether personalised care planning and budgets could improve the experiences of people with complex needs, achieve better outcomes and make better use of limited resources.

16 December 2016 | Comments: 2

Chris Naylor looks at whether mental health is being considered carefully enough in the development of sustainability and transformation plans.

25 November 2016 | Comments: 7

With recent research from Age UK suggesting that 1.2 million older people are not receiving the social care they need, Anna Charles looks at how this issue appears to be slipping under the radar.

8 November 2016 | Comments: 5

As we publish a joint statement on health and social care, Richard Humphries considers the rising levels of concern in the social care sector about funding and quality of care.

7 November 2016 | Comments: 3

David Buck looks at the complex issue of whether local public health services should be funded through business rates, and proposes a set of conditions that need to be met before this option is pursued.

20 September 2016 | Comments: 2

David Buck reflects on work carried out with the New NHS Alliance to promote closer working between the health and housing sectors.

26 August 2016 | Comments: 1

The government’s long-awaited childhood obesity plan was published earlier this week. David Buck considers whether it meets expectations.

19 August 2016 | Comments: 3

David Buck analyses the latest figures on local government’s planned spending on public health, and considers whether the new Prime Minister might take an interest.

3 August 2016 | Comments: 1

Following this week's landmark court ruling on the funding of HIV prevention drug PrEP, Alex Baylis considers the complex system of fragmented responsibilities for HIV services.

28 July 2016 | Comments: 1

Patrick Hall considers the steps being taken towards a more collaborative culture across the social care system.

1 July 2016 | Comments: 1

As the 2017 GSK IMPACT Awards open for applications, programme manager Lisa Weaks considers what we’ve learnt about the training and development needs of the health charity sector.