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30 June 2017

The political tumult of recent weeks seems to be subsiding and a second snap election appears less likely – for now. Leo Ewbank asks what the new political environment might mean for health and social care.

16 June 2017 | Comments: 1

How can the good practice in enhanced care home projects be shared more widely? Alex Baylis sets out the challenges.

14 June 2017 | Comments: 4

The 'dementia tax' debacle was one of the turning points of the election campaign. Nicholas Timmins asks whether all proposals for reforming social care are now a dead letter for this parliament given the government’s lack of a majority.

19 May 2017 | Comments: 1

Richard Humphries reflects on the 2017 general election manifestos and finds that they all fall short in setting clear, credible and costed proposals that address the scale of the challenges facing social care.

11 May 2017 | Comments: 2

Katie Mantell argues we need to do more to raise understanding of what social care is and how it’s provided and funded.

5 April 2017 | Comments: 5

The extra £2 billion for adult social care announced in the Spring Budget will be gratefully received, but local councils now face tough choices about where to allocate the money. Richard Humphries considers the context.

3 March 2017 | Comments: 1

Is the government about to announce plans for a new approach to funding social care? Nicholas Timmins asks if a tax on people’s estates after they have died will be an acceptable idea this time around.

27 February 2017 | Comments: 2

Has the role of housing been given adequate consideration in sustainability and transformation plans? David Buck argues the importance of delivering health and housing services and developing policy together.

11 December 2016 | Comments: 2

Widespread dismay greeted the omission of any reference in the 2016 Autumn Statement to the perilous state of social care funding. Richard Humphries looks at the options available.

25 November 2016 | Comments: 7

With recent research from Age UK suggesting that 1.2 million older people are not receiving the social care they need, Anna Charles looks at how this issue appears to be slipping under the radar.

8 November 2016 | Comments: 5

As we publish a joint statement on health and social care, Richard Humphries considers the rising levels of concern in the social care sector about funding and quality of care.

David Oliver
21 October 2016 | Comments: 7

David Oliver considers the role of care homes in the social care sector, and the challenges that need to be tackled while seeking to improve the health and wellbeing of care home residents.

15 September 2016 | Comments: 5

Following the launch of the Social care for older people: home truths report, Patrick Hall considers whether older people are paying the price for cuts to social care.

28 July 2016 | Comments: 1

Patrick Hall considers the steps being taken towards a more collaborative culture across the social care system.

13 July 2016 | Comments: 7

Richard Humphries considers the findings of the annual budget survey published this week by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), and a social care system in trouble.

1 July 2016 | Comments: 2

Hugh Alderwick takes a look at a new series of essays, commissioned by The King's Fund, that explores hypothetical scenarios for the future of health and social care.

17 June 2016 | Comments: 8

With the latest NHS England figures for delayed transfers of care reinforcing concerns about the impact of funding restrictions on social care services, Patrick Hall considers working towards better social care provision for future generations.

Joni Jabbal
14 April 2016 | Comments: 4

Joni Jabbal considers the potential of the housing and health sectors working together to improve population health.

25 February 2016 | Comments: 7

With little political consensus around the way forward for funding our growing social care needs, Richard Humphries looks at how the British public views the options.

25 January 2016 | Comments: 10

Chris Ham reflects on the recent announcement that three former senior health ministers have proposed a cross-party commission to tackle the substantial pressures now facing health and social care.