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5 June 2017 | Comments: 3

Faith in the purchaser/provider split as a key driver for reform is fast dissolving, argues Nick Timmins.

Ben Collins
18 March 2015 | Comments: 2
Our briefing on procurement and competition law attempts something rare in the current debate: a purely technical discussion of whether an incoming government could dismantle the current rules given the relationships between UK and EU law.
18 October 2013 | Comments: 6
What are the repercussions of the Competition Commission's rejection of the proposed merger in Bournemouth and Poole?
28 March 2012 | Comments: 11
How does the Health and Social Care Act differ from Lansley's original plans? And what challenges will the NHS face now as the Act is implemented?
27 February 2012
While opposition to the Bill has got louder, there has been relatively little debate about the new powers for Monitor and what they will mean in practice.
1 February 2012 | Comments: 7
Chris Ham puts forward the argument that the complexity and importance of the issues at stake cannot be reduced to the simple question, are you for or against the Bill?
20 January 2012 | Comments: 6
With the Royal College of Nursing announcing their opposition to the Health and Social Care Bill recently, Chris Ham considers the next steps for the health reforms.
16 December 2011 | Comments: 1
Francesca Frosini asks how a new measurement of patients treated in non-NHS hospitals will help to assess patient choice.
9 August 2011 | Comments: 2
Will amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill affecting the role of the Co-operation and Competition Panel and Monitor truly affect competition in the NHS?
Rachael Addicott
4 August 2011 | Comments: 8
Rachael Addicott asks if social enterprises will be able to compete with the big players in health care in her blog.
2 June 2011 | Comments: 5
At a time of rapid policy change in health care, there is a thirst for international insight: so what can other countries teach us about health system reform?
1 June 2011 | Comments: 7
Has the government really listened to opinion on the Health and Social Care Bill? And if so, how will any new system of commissioning be held accountable?
18 March 2011 | Comments: 6
Are referral management centres in line with national policy on free choice of elective care and the principles of co-operation and competition?
21 February 2011
Debate about competition in the NHS is often polarised between those who are opposed to private sector involvement in the NHS and those who think the NHS needs to be broken up.
31 January 2011 | Comments: 3
The NHS is already implementing radical changes to commissioning, but GP consortia are not commissioning services yet: what should health care providers do in the meantime?
26 January 2011 | Comments: 7
Anna Dixon asks if the reforms in the Health and Social Care Bill revolutionary or simply an evolution of the previous government's policy.
12 January 2011 | Comments: 13
As the Health and Social Care Bill is due to be published, we look ahead to see what key issues need to be resolved, including regulation and commissioning.
Rachael Addicott
28 October 2010 | Comments: 3
The government last week published two new consultations on choice and information, which could have significant implications for how end-of-life care is delivered.
2 December 2009 | Comments: 2
Anna Dixon comments on the recent controversy stirred up by the publication of Dr Foster's latest mortality figures.
21 July 2009 | Comments: 6
This week The King's Fund and the Institute of Fiscal Studies has published its analysis of the likely economic environment for the NHS over the next decade.