Blog posts by Vijaya Nath

9 May 2016 | Comments: 9

NHS Highland has undertaken major transformation of its health and care service, and is an exemplar of innovation and quality improvement. With the launch of our joint leadership development programme, Vijaya Nath considers what we can learn from its experience.

8 April 2016 | Comments: 41

Vijaya Nath reflects on the issues raised in a recent round-table event on how the NHS can better enable black and minority ethnic staff to achieve their potential as leaders.

3 February 2016 | Comments: 10

With January now having drawn to a close, Vijaya Nath takes the opportunity to review the challenges for clinical leaders in the year ahead.

29 October 2015 | Comments: 6

While there is still much more to do to achieve equality for those from diverse backgrounds who aspire to leadership roles in health and care, there is reason for hope, says Vijaya Nath.

10 September 2015 | Comments: 7
Vijaya Nath visited Intermountain Healthcare to find out how they are able to deliver low-cost, high-quality health care. She found a culture of clinical integration and quality improvement inspired by the work of quality theorist W Edwards Deming.
23 July 2015 | Comments: 9

Vijaya Nath looks at one of the challenges facing NHS leaders – how to get the workforce, particularly clinicians, working in new ways more closely aligned to the changing nature of care.

15 June 2015 | Comments: 9
Values-driven leadership that comes from prioritising the moral and clinical imperative will win hearts and minds on the front line. But these values need to be strengthened by investing in and building capability in quality improvement and innovation.
13 March 2015 | Comments: 6
One of the priorities of our medical leadership work is to support those attracted to medical leadership and management. One way of encouraging medical leaders is to give them the same professional status that the medical profession gives to education, training and clinical practice.
8 March 2015 | Comments: 4
International Women’s Day 2015 urges everyone around the world to #MakeItHappen. Both genders must be involved and technology can help us achieve gender equality at pace.
15 January 2015 | Comments: 8

At our recent summit we heard from women and men who have taken action, taken on organisations and started to make the progress we need to advance women in medicine, but there is still much more to do.

31 July 2014 | Comments: 13
Leaders across health and care agree that much more needs to be done to address the low representation of women in senior medical leadership roles.
10 July 2014 | Comments: 11
There has been a call for the most expensive assets in health care – the doctors – to step up and engage in management and leadership. We use the right words when writing about medical engagement but how do we move from rhetoric to reality and more importantly why should doctors embrace this responsibility?
14 March 2014 | Comments: 10
Vijaya Nath reflects on our latest report on medical revalidation, and considers the effect on doctors going through the process.
19 December 2013 | Comments: 25
We must change our language and behaviour about the capability of medical leadership, says Vijaya Nath.
15 October 2013 | Comments: 6
Vijaya Nath looks at what responsible officers – those who make recommendations to the General Medical Council about doctors’ fitness to practice – think about the process of revalidation.
10 May 2013 | Comments: 2
Vijaya Nath reflects on Don Berwick's lecture on clinical leadership and putting the patient at the heart of NHS services.
23 January 2013 | Comments: 15
Revalidation has been a popular topic in our leadership work with medical directors, GPs and consultants – so what have we learnt so far?
1 October 2012 | Comments: 9

What did participants at this year's Global Health Leadership Forum, held at the Fund, learn from the experience?

15 May 2012 | Comments: 11
What did the participants who ventured to Kaiser in our recent study tour learn from the experience?
9 September 2010 | Comments: 11
As the election campaign ratchets up a gear prospective MPs are vying for our votes and using local service changes and promises to save hospitals as currency.