Blog posts by Nick Goodwin

25 February 2013
National Voices’ narrative for integrated care is a helpful first step in providing local health and social care system leaders with a set of principles for ‘what good looks like’, says Nick Goodwin.
26 July 2012 | Comments: 11
Nick Goodwin looks at the barriers that are preventing the successful adoption of telehealth.
11 July 2012 | Comments: 2
Nick Goodwin argues that unless we are prepared to invest in care co-ordination it will continue to be on the fringes of activity rather than being the main event.
19 April 2012 | Comments: 7
Nick Goodwin looks at whether the Department of Health's integrated care pilots have driven improvements in the quality and cost effectiveness of patient care.
13 March 2012 | Comments: 5
What did we learn during our second International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare?
2 March 2012 | Comments: 10
Many aspects of the NHS reforms have given rise to debate, but one of the most controversial has been whether GPs should have responsibility for commissioning.
7 December 2011 | Comments: 8
Nick Goodwin asks if new government strategies and positive results from the Whole Systems Demonstrator trials will encourage new investment into telehealth.
3 November 2011 | Comments: 2
As we await the results of the WSDAN project, Nick Goodwin considers what else is needed to support new technologies in telehealth and telecare.
31 October 2011 | Comments: 5
As the NHS Commissioning Board commences a period of shadow running, Nick Goodwin asks whether changes to clinical commissioning are simply reinventing the wheel.
3 August 2011 | Comments: 7
As the cost and quality of GP prescribing comes under media scrutiny, Nick Goodwin asks, are we spending too much money on drugs?
21 July 2011 | Comments: 7
According to The Future Forum, integrated care is integral to the future delivery of health and social care. Nick Goodwin asks if we know what this truly means.
28 March 2011 | Comments: 17
There has been much debate over GPs potentially making a profit out of health care budgets as result of GP commissioning. Are we ready to allow these profits?
15 March 2011 | Comments: 4
Is the Department of Health's large-scale evaluation necessary to support the need for telehealth and telecare?
2 February 2011 | Comments: 8
At a time when the health service is under pressure to improve quality with fewer resources, new technologies are being carefully scrutinised.
3 November 2010 | Comments: 3
Today The King's Fund published a survey of GPs that asked what they would prioritise to improve patient care in their practices.
20 October 2010
While the government plans to leave the development of consortia to be decided locally, many people feel that size matters and that guidelines should be provided.
11 October 2010 | Comments: 3
Understanding how the quality of care can be sustained and improved in general practice has been a core concern of the GP Inquiry commissioned by The King's Fund.
16 September 2010
We are beyond the tipping point where the long-term conditions agenda can be ignored, but where will the system leadership come from in the new NHS?
27 August 2010 | Comments: 5
The British Medical Association's GPs Committee has published its 'fundamental principles' for GP commissioning - but will it help GPs to deliver high-quality care?
15 June 2010
General practice lies at the heart of the new coalition government's plans for reform of the NHS in England.