Blog posts by Jocelyn Cornwell

26 February 2013 | Comments: 15
Jocelyn Cornwell gives her advice to non-executive directors following the Francis Inquiry report.
7 December 2012 | Comments: 3
We've had an incredible response to our debate on the changing patient – with views from politicians, health and social care professionals and, most importantly, patients themselves.
8 October 2012 | Comments: 16
The Chief Nursing Officer has launched a new vision for nurses, midwives and care-givers. But will it help to develop a culture of compassionate care?
7 June 2012 | Comments: 22
NHS hospitals will soon be required to ask patients whether they would want a friend or relative to be treated there. But will this make hospitals raise their game?
29 February 2012 | Comments: 6
Jocelyn Cornwell considers why we need a national framework for patient experience, and why it's so important that we have one now.
10 January 2012 | Comments: 22

While Jocelyn Cornwell welcomes a commitment to hourly nursing rounds, will the introduction of new measurements just increase bureaucracy in patient care?

20 October 2011 | Comments: 7
Drawing on experience from our Point of Care programme, Jocelyn Cornwell explores the options to improving the poor results on care shown in the CQC report.
23 August 2011 | Comments: 9
Jocelyn Cornwell discusses the dynamic, culture-changing power of stories and story-telling in health care in her new blog.
7 June 2011 | Comments: 9
With more reports on the care of elderly and vulnerable people Jocelyn Cornwell looks at the state of care in acute hospitals.
17 February 2011 | Comments: 7
In light of the Health Service Ombudsman's recent report, Jocelyn Cornwell examines ways to improve NHS care, including intentional nurse rounds.
14 January 2011 | Comments: 4
The Point of Care team reflect on how the smallest actions on the part of staff can make a huge difference to patients’ experience of care.
16 September 2010 | Comments: 1
Just as we thought the commitment to create truly patient-centred care was building momentum, it is, yet again, all change for the NHS.
3 September 2010 | Comments: 4
Can we guarantee patients compassionate care? Jocelyn Cornwell argues that while we can't currently guarantee this, we should be doing more to make it likely.
20 January 2010 | Comments: 6
Sometimes rectifying the smallest or simplest of things can transform patients' experience of care. Don't wait to form a committee, start trying to improve patients' experience now.