Blog posts by Anna Dixon

12 March 2013 | Comments: 2
Anna Dixon gives her thoughts on the Nuffield Trust's health and social care ratings review into whether there should be a summary rating for hospitals and other care providers.
6 February 2013 | Comments: 17
Anna Dixon gives her reaction to the recommendations set out in the long-awaited Francis Inquiry report into the failings at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.
8 January 2013 | Comments: 2
The NHS Commissioning Board has issued its ‘planning guidance’ to the 211 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) that are to take control of local budgets from April. So what message does it send to CCGs?
15 November 2012 | Comments: 2
Time to Think Differently is our new programme of work aimed at stimulating debate about the changes needed for the NHS and social care to meet the challenges of the future.
27 September 2012
Anna Dixon looks at the difficulties in setting objectives for the NHS and at how the NHS Commissioning Board can be effectively held accountable for £80 billion of public money.
12 July 2012 | Comments: 5
Following Nicholas Timmins's book on the story of NHS reform, Anna Dixon looks at the events that led to the Act reaching the statute book.
28 June 2012 | Comments: 6
Looking back on the conference, Anna Dixon considers outstanding reform issues, including the difficult decisions that must be made around hospital reconfiguration.
29 May 2012 | Comments: 5
Anna Dixon discusses whether asking patients what care they wanted could be a much simpler solution towards making savings.
5 April 2012 | Comments: 14
A Public Accounts Committee report has highlighted the challenges the CQC has faced since it was set up. But are we expecting too much from a quality regulator?
28 March 2012 | Comments: 11
How does the Health and Social Care Act differ from Lansley's original plans? And what challenges will the NHS face now as the Act is implemented?
27 February 2012
While opposition to the Bill has got louder, there has been relatively little debate about the new powers for Monitor and what they will mean in practice.
7 November 2011 | Comments: 7
Anna Dixon explains why it will only be possible to deliver productivity improvements in the NHS by using human as well as financial resources differently.
4 November 2011 | Comments: 2
Anna Dixon discusses the need to rethink how we commission and contract with primary care if the ambitions of integrated care are to be realised.
18 October 2011 | Comments: 3
After the CQC report on quality of care, Anna Dixon asks if acute hospitals are providing the right care for people with dementia.
12 October 2011 | Comments: 2
Anna Dixon asks if ever-increasing specialisation in acute care is benefitting patients in her new blog.
23 September 2011 | Comments: 4
Anna Dixon asks what lessons should the coalition government learn from New Labour's NHS reforms?
19 July 2011 | Comments: 3
While David Cameron announced public services reform, Anna Dixon says the real challenge is translating them into practice in a service as diverse as the NHS.
16 June 2011 | Comments: 1
Some opposition to the Health Bill focused on the privatisation of the NHS. Anna Dixon explains what the NHS reforms will truly mean for the private and voluntary sectors.
16 May 2011 | Comments: 4
A year ago, few people would have guessed we would have a coalition of Liberal Democrats and Conservatives. So what has been the impact on reforming the NHS?
21 February 2011
Debate about competition in the NHS is often polarised between those who are opposed to private sector involvement in the NHS and those who think the NHS needs to be broken up.