Blog: 2015

21 December 2015 | Comments: 5

David Maguire discusses the issues surrounding premature discharge or people leaving hospital too soon and the effect this may have on re-admission rates.

Guest blog
17 December 2015 | Comments: 4

Anna Moore reflects on how medical leaders can help to develop new models of care and integrate services around the needs of patients.

Mandip Kaur
16 December 2015 | Comments: 1

Mandip Kaur asks how we can have open and honest conversations about difference and what it is like to be discriminated against.

Joni Jabbal
10 December 2015 | Comments: 6

Joni Jabbal looks at what enables NHS acute trusts to take data from inpatient surveys, understand it, work with it, and use it to improve patient experience overall.

Ben Collins
8 December 2015 | Comments: 10

Will vanguards be able to make significant changes to the configuration of local health and care systems, while sustaining existing services in a difficult environment, with limited spare cash and growing service pressures?

7 December 2015

Do the public still trust doctors and nurses to deliver high-quality care and put patients’ interests first, or could high-profile failings and inspection results have contributed to a change in public opinion?

2 December 2015 | Comments: 19

Beccy Baird shares her views on the progress of a project that will collect detailed evidence around the changes in activity in general practice over the past five years.

David Oliver
1 December 2015 | Comments: 16

David Oliver considers the role allied health professionals will have in meeting the challenges facing our health and social care systems and in delivering the new care models outlines in the NHS five year forward view.

Guest blog
26 November 2015 | Comments: 4

In the first of a series of guest blogs on clinical leadership, Jonathan Fielden shares some insight into his personal philosophy and on his approach to medical leadership - and life.

23 November 2015 | Comments: 3

What does a positive and effective patient leader/system leader relationship look like, how does it develop and what makes it work? David Sgorbati looks at what we can learn from how these relationships form.

20 November 2015 | Comments: 3

With the NHS overspend running at £1.62 billion for the first half of the year, what are the options available to trusts struggling to stay in budget?

19 November 2015 | Comments: 2

David Buck on district councils and why their role in improving the health of their citizens is less well known and recognised than it should be.

18 November 2015 | Comments: 1

The health care system in Victoria, Australia, delivers good results compared with other states, but there are still areas where improvements could be made.

Kirsty Morrison
16 November 2015
For annual Explore Your Archive week, Kirsty Morrison looks back at the rich history of the Fund and its unique archive collection. 
16 November 2015 | Comments: 4

The NHS needs to effectively manage its common resources: more money and greater efficiency won't be enough. 

Helen Mckenna
12 November 2015 | Comments: 2

Health has found itself caught up in government’s latest big idea. But what does devolution really mean for the NHS?

Helen Gilburt
12 November 2015 | Comments: 2

Helen Gilburt asks is it time for an honest conversation about the impact of cost-saving measures on the quality of care in mental health services?

9 November 2015 | Comments: 5

Delayed transfers of care, where patients are ready to return home or transfer to another form of care but still occupy a hospital bed, are a hot topic of discussion right now. So what does the latest data tell us?

8 November 2015 | Comments: 5

Ahead of the Spending Review, Richard Humphries and John Appleby look at the data to examine the likely fall in social care spending.

8 November 2015 | Comments: 5

Ahead of the Spending Review, Richard Humphries and John Appleby look at the data to examine the likely fall in social care spending.