The increasing demands on Accident and Emergency departments: no easy answers

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Harry Longman

Chief Executive,
Patient Access
Comment date
06 March 2013
I started researching this question some three years ago. The problem is demand, much of it inappropriate, ie driven by patients' fear and insecurity. To overcome this they need confidence in primary care, which is driven by the accessibility of their GP. And we know how change that.
The four hour target has simply diverted attention from the true problem, creating its own industry of cheats and inspectors. a culture of compliance not of curiosity and improvement.

Kadiyali M Srivatsa

Comment date
16 June 2013
I have worked on my own for almost ten years to find out why and what makes a person consult doctors. This was not because I was planning to reduce demand but to help reduce patients visiting hospitals and surgeries to help reduce spread of hospital acquired infections and antibiotic abuse.

Using the data, I developed a tool that will help patients and make them access the A&E, demand emergency appointment or simply speak to a doctor. This tool is simple, does not cost money nor do we need and validation or prove this is safe.

The colour coding makes it easy to follow and is based on the criteria I used for almost 30 years to decide to admit a child brought to hospital.
This I am sure will help reduce demand, cost and also reduce wasted consultations, delay in diagnosis and complications.

I have named this as Medical Advice You Access, MAYA in short. I sincerely hope GPs will use the tool and make sure they reduce patients access hospital by passing them making it harder for hospitals to survive.

Andrew Colclough

South Derbyshire PPG Network
Comment date
25 November 2013
Hospitals can and do avoid breaching the four hour target by admitting patients until consultants get around to seeing them. We need to monitor data on the number of admissions and on the number of people admitted and discharged same day to make sure hospitals don't do this.

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