Blog: 2013

19 December 2013 | Comments: 25
We must change our language and behaviour about the capability of medical leadership, says Vijaya Nath.
19 December 2013 | Comments: 1
Nicola Walsh reflects on the first World Innovation Summit for Health which explored new and innovative ways to tackle a variety of global health care challenges.
17 December 2013
NHS England have set out their thinking on how the bulk of NHS money will get to where it needs to be, and on what basis, through allocations to CCGs – David Buck shares his thoughts on this decision.
5 December 2013 | Comments: 4
Belinda Weir reflects on our women in leadership conference, which explored how to create cultures that redress the continuing scarcity of women leaders across the health care sector.
David Oliver
3 December 2013 | Comments: 6
We can’t deal with the emergency care crisis at the front door of the hospital without addressing the situation at the back door – there are still too many patients who could be sent home within 0 – 2 days but who would not be able to access community support in time, says David Oliver.
Duncan Hockey
29 November 2013 | Comments: 6
People are now taking more drugs than ever before, but who is responsible for ensuring each patient’s prescriptions are appropriate?
27 November 2013 | Comments: 3
Candace Imison draws on some of the inspirational stories we heard at our 2013 Annual Conference to look at how the NHS could improve patient safety by learning from mistakes.
22 November 2013 | Comments: 2
Whichever way you look at it, responding to Francis and the associated reports was going to be a challenging balancing act for the government.
21 November 2013
Every NHS acute trust in England encourages people to volunteer – to contribute to their service and play an important part in improving patient experience. But how many people volunteer in acute trusts in England and what roles do they play?
15 November 2013 | Comments: 3
The new GP contract is a small step in the right direction, but it falls far short of the rebirth of general practice. Much more needs to be done to transform primary care and ensure it meets the needs of patients and populations in future, says Chris Ham.
14 November 2013 | Comments: 2
Turning around a culture of care cannot be achieved through a quick fix. It takes courage, because you can’t start to improve things without first admitting that you could have been doing things better, says Joanna Goodrich.
Becky Seale
7 November 2013 | Comments: 2
Our conversations with governors suggest they are still not fulfilling their potential as the voice of local populations on hospital boards. Not through a lack of will, but rather through a lack of clarity and support, says Becky Seale.
31 October 2013 | Comments: 4
Expectations for the Integrated Transformation Fund are high, but will it actually help to deliver integrated care when the system is so under pressure?
Helen Gilburt
30 October 2013 | Comments: 8
The poor health outcomes of people with co-existing mental and physical conditions represent one of the greatest inequalities in health. What needs to happen to change this?
28 October 2013 | Comments: 1
Amid the furore of the Competition Commission’s decision to refuse the merger of Bournemouth and Poole, some significant changes to the current failure regime have been approved in amendments to the Care Bill.
Veronika Thiel
24 October 2013 | Comments: 5
Being able to measure impact and to exchange information are two of the key elements of seamless care co-ordination. So how can current IT systems be improved to help achieve this more effectively?
23 October 2013
Some may argue that deep thinking about the future isn’t really necessary, but how could this foresight benefit the health and social care system?
22 October 2013 | Comments: 2
Although politicians say the NHS has been protected financially, this is only relative to real cuts in other areas of government and, crucially, not in terms of the demands on health care, says John Appleby.
18 October 2013 | Comments: 6
What are the repercussions of the Competition Commission's rejection of the proposed merger in Bournemouth and Poole?
15 October 2013 | Comments: 6
Vijaya Nath looks at what responsible officers – those who make recommendations to the General Medical Council about doctors’ fitness to practice – think about the process of revalidation.