Blog: 2012

18 December 2012 | Comments: 1
In the past few days, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have come several steps closer to taking control of £65 billion of NHS spending.
12 December 2012 | Comments: 4
The personal health budgets evaluation, published recently by the Department of Health, contains encouraging news for those who believe that giving patients greater choice, flexibility and control can improve their quality of life.
7 December 2012 | Comments: 3
We've had an incredible response to our debate on the changing patient – with views from politicians, health and social care professionals and, most importantly, patients themselves.
4 December 2012 | Comments: 1
The NHS Commissioning Board, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and providers need to be held to account, with plaudits if they excel, and consequences if they fall short of expected standards.
28 November 2012 | Comments: 2
Having spent the first half of the Parliament legislating for radical changes to the organisation of the NHS, the government now needs to focus on the mundane but much more important challenge of implementing and executing the service changes on which its record will ultimately depend.
21 November 2012 | Comments: 1
The government has announced that the Public Health Sub-Committee is being done away with. But did it have the potential to challenge the rest of Whitehall on the public health impacts of their policies?
20 November 2012 | Comments: 3
Following a recent roundtable discussion with Norman Lamb MP, Chris Ham looks at the key priorities needed to make integrated care a reality.
15 November 2012 | Comments: 2
Time to Think Differently is our new programme of work aimed at stimulating debate about the changes needed for the NHS and social care to meet the challenges of the future.
7 November 2012 | Comments: 7
Clinically effective care and good patient experience are universally recognised as key elements of health care quality. But does one always go hand in hand with the other?
2 November 2012 | Comments: 8
The more we have got to know about how PbR operates and similar payment methods in other countries operate in practice, the more there seems to be a case for a rethink, says John Appleby.
Rachael Addicott
30 October 2012 | Comments: 1
With the 2012 US presidential election only days away, Rachael Addicott looks at where the candidates stand on health care.
19 October 2012 | Comments: 10
What can we learn from service redesign in London? Chris Ham reflects on themes from our conference on progressing health care in the capital.
17 October 2012
What conclusions can we draw from this year’s party conferences about the political and policy landscape for health and social care?
Rachael Addicott
15 October 2012
Drawing on her work in the United States, Rachael Addicott looks at how Accountable Care Organisations work and what we can learn from them.
8 October 2012 | Comments: 16
The Chief Nursing Officer has launched a new vision for nurses, midwives and care-givers. But will it help to develop a culture of compassionate care?
3 October 2012 | Comments: 9
Chris Ham draws on discussions from our recent integrated care conference to identify four key building blocks of a whole-system solution.
1 October 2012 | Comments: 9

What did participants at this year's Global Health Leadership Forum, held at the Fund, learn from the experience?

27 September 2012
Anna Dixon looks at the difficulties in setting objectives for the NHS and at how the NHS Commissioning Board can be effectively held accountable for £80 billion of public money.
19 September 2012 | Comments: 5
In the light of two new reports, Candace Imison reflects on the impact of staff provision during out-of-hours on the quality of care.
17 September 2012 | Comments: 1
David Buck looks at what the Olympics can teach us about the public's attitude to the government's involvement in public health issues.