Blog: 2011

31 December 2011
With the pressures on A&E, Richard Humphries explains that it's the frail elderly patients that remain in hospital beds that we should be more concerned about.
22 December 2011 | Comments: 2
Joanna Goodrich considers the impact of NICE's aspirational guidance on the delivery of adult mental health care on patient-centred care.
21 December 2011 | Comments: 1
Candace Imison assesses what evidence is needed for NHS merger decisions.
20 December 2011 | Comments: 3
The report of the National Audit of Dementia Care in General Hospitals 2011 has put a sharp focus on the care of people with dementia in hospitals.
16 December 2011 | Comments: 1
Francesca Frosini asks how a new measurement of patients treated in non-NHS hospitals will help to assess patient choice.
12 December 2011 | Comments: 2
Chris Ham asks what can clinical commissioning groups learn from medical practices in California.
8 December 2011 | Comments: 3
John Appleby analyses the results of the British Social Attitudes survey to see why our satisfaction with the NHS is so high.
8 December 2011 | Comments: 5
John Clark explains why doctors must become more engaged in NHS leadership as he introduces our new review into leadership.
7 December 2011 | Comments: 8
Nick Goodwin asks if new government strategies and positive results from the Whole Systems Demonstrator trials will encourage new investment into telehealth.
30 November 2011 | Comments: 3
John Appleby's blog about how new inflation estimates affect real spending figures for the NHS.
29 November 2011 | Comments: 16
Chris Ham's blog about the importance of good management and leadership in the NHS.
25 November 2011 | Comments: 2
Bev Fitzsimons, asks whether a new patient and family-centred care programme can help improve patients' experience.
18 November 2011 | Comments: 1
James Thompson explores the figures behind this year's NHS redundancies in his data blog.
15 November 2011 | Comments: 4
As a new Commonwealth Fund survey reflects a positive light on the NHS, Chris Ham asks why we are still moving forward so quickly with health reforms?
9 November 2011 | Comments: 11
While government ministers seem enthused by plans to allow patients to manage their own health budgets, Angela Coulter asks if we should be exploring other options.
7 November 2011 | Comments: 7
Anna Dixon explains why it will only be possible to deliver productivity improvements in the NHS by using human as well as financial resources differently.
4 November 2011 | Comments: 2
Anna Dixon discusses the need to rethink how we commission and contract with primary care if the ambitions of integrated care are to be realised.
3 November 2011 | Comments: 2
As we await the results of the WSDAN project, Nick Goodwin considers what else is needed to support new technologies in telehealth and telecare.
31 October 2011 | Comments: 5
As the NHS Commissioning Board commences a period of shadow running, Nick Goodwin asks whether changes to clinical commissioning are simply reinventing the wheel.
27 October 2011 | Comments: 2
David Buck questions whether a 'fat tax' would help or hinder the government's attempts to curb obesity in England.