Blog: 2009

16 December 2009
David Nicholson's Operating Framework for 2010/11 will look familiar to the NHS, with many of its messages reinforcing the Next Stage Review.
9 December 2009 | Comments: 3
Despite the NHS fairing relatively well in the Pre-Budget Report, the massive productivity challenge remains: a relentless five per cent a year for three years.
9 December 2009 | Comments: 1
The quality of NHS service does not have to be a casualty of the financial crisis - it could be an opportunity to focus on clinical improvement and effectiveness.
2 December 2009 | Comments: 2
Anna Dixon comments on the recent controversy stirred up by the publication of Dr Foster's latest mortality figures.
1 December 2009

Listen to extracts from my presentation speech alongside relevant slides by clicking on the small arrow in the bottom bar of the presentation. If you want to just scroll through the slides, use the arrow on the right hand side of the presentation.

27 November 2009 | Comments: 2

Listen to Mark Jennings' presentation, where he argued that care can only be judged to be high quality if it is also delivered efficiently.

27 November 2009 | Comments: 3
If you were a chief executive in the NHS deciding how to improve quality and reduce costs, what type of leadership improvement would you choose?
26 November 2009 | Comments: 2
The focus in workforce planning needs to be on developing a flexible approach that doesn't seek long-term precision but can enable the workforce to evolve and adapt.
25 November 2009
Does the NHS have the skills to continue the drive to improve quality despite the impending budget cuts? Mark Jennings reports from our 2009 annual conference.
Rachael Addicott
19 November 2009 | Comments: 5
Health professionals must be able to talk openly about death and dying if end-of-life care in England is to improve, says Rachael Addicott.
13 November 2009 | Comments: 1
Richard Humphries discusses social care reform, as the consultation on Shaping the Future of Care and Support draws to a close.
4 November 2009 | Comments: 6
Integrating the commissiong health and social care should drive new means of delivery that reflect the needs of those using services rather than those who provide them.
4 November 2009 | Comments: 1
Richard Giordano discusses the leadership role that clinical and medical directors will play during the cold resource climate ahead.
28 October 2009 | Comments: 5
Measuring quality was put at the forefront of quality improvement by the NHS Next Stage Review. But we need to get better at thinking about why and how we use it.
6 October 2009 | Comments: 1
Niall Dickson comments on Stephen O'Brien's admission at the Conservative Party conference 2009 that far from being the source of evil, targets could be a good thing.
29 September 2009 | Comments: 1
Does the Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, know something we don't about future NHS spending? He seemed remarkably chipper at our debate at the Labour Conference.
23 September 2009
Andy Burnham recently announced that hospital payments will be linked to patient experience at service level. Will this help to improve quality?
22 September 2009
Faced with the squeeze on public spending it seems no politician is willing to suggest cuts in frontline staff, so it's quangos and regulators that get their focus.
1 September 2009 | Comments: 8
Much of the health care improvement over the past decade has been characterised by high levels of investment - how will the NHS cope with the new financial challenge?
19 August 2009 | Comments: 3
Ruth Thorlby considers the differences between the English and the American health system, as the NHS is used in the political debate over health reform in the US.