Guest blog
20 July 2017 | Comments: 1

In this guest blog, speech and language therapist Joanne Fillingham makes the case for a stronger leadership role for allied health professionals (AHPs).

Shilpa Ross
20 July 2017 | Comments: 1

Quality improvement is not a quick fix, and creating the type of cultural change needed to adapt an organisation's whole approach to quality does take time, says Shilpa Ross.

Richard Murray
14 July 2017 | Comments: 2

The NHS payments and incentives system is constantly evolving. Richard Murray looks at a system that is attempting to manage deficits and, at the same time, introduce new models of care and ways to pay for them.

12 July 2017 | Comments: 5

With the central government grant falling, David Buck takes a look at local authorities’ plans for public health spending in 2017/18.

10 July 2017 | Comments: 4

Harry Evans considers why getting the technology right will be essential if accountable care systems are to succeed.

5 July 2017 | Comments: 2

Jill Roberts looks at the challenges facing children’s health, and asks what needs to be done to improve the current situation.

4 July 2017 | Comments: 2

In the latest of a series of blogs celebrating The King’s Fund’s 120th anniversary, Lynsey Hawker explores how the birth of the NHS created new opportunities for the Fund.

30 June 2017

The political tumult of recent weeks seems to be subsiding and a second snap election appears less likely – for now. Leo Ewbank asks what the new political environment might mean for health and social care.

29 June 2017 | Comments: 2

Siva Anandaciva asks whether the capped expenditure process is an attempt at a short-term fix for a long-term problem.

28 June 2017 | Comments: 7

Durka Dougall argues that improving quality of care for patients and delivering better value care are often two sides of the same coin.

16 June 2017 | Comments: 1

How can the good practice in enhanced care home projects be shared more widely? Alex Baylis sets out the challenges.

14 June 2017 | Comments: 4

The 'dementia tax' debacle was one of the turning points of the election campaign. Nicholas Timmins asks whether all proposals for reforming social care are now a dead letter for this parliament given the government’s lack of a majority.

14 June 2017 | Comments: 1

Susie Perks-Baker asks why there are still so few women in senior-level positions and explores ideas that could promote difference and diversity in the NHS.

9 June 2017 | Comments: 1

In the fifth of a series of blogs looking back at the history of The King’s Fund, Nikki Smiton discovers the variety of work carried out by the Fund in the years leading up to and during World War II.

7 June 2017 | Comments: 1

James Thompson asks whether a combination of increased funding, incentives and pressure from the centre will be enough to get A&E waiting time targets back on track.

5 June 2017 | Comments: 3

Faith in the purchaser/provider split as a key driver for reform is fast dissolving, argues Nick Timmins.

5 June 2017 | Comments: 1

David Buck assesses the parties’ commitments to both public health and the wider policies that are so important to improving population health.

Richard Murray
2 June 2017 | Comments: 6

Ahead of the election, Richard Murray looks at the parties' offers on funding the NHS.

Helen Gilburt
1 June 2017 | Comments: 1

Helen Gilburt explores the prominence of mental health in the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos.

24 May 2017 | Comments: 2

Chris Ham looks at the pledges made about the NHS by the main parties ahead of the general election.