Tony Rudd: the legacy of NHS London – stroke programme

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  • Posted:Thursday 11 October 2012

Tony Rudd gives a background to stroke care in London and looks at how NHS London’s stroke programme has made a difference.

This was recorded at the 2011 conference: Progressing health care in London. The conference was jointly run by The King's Fund, NHS London and London Councils, to look at the role of NHS London and how health care in London will be provided in the future.


Sarah Lemon

Student nurse,
Portsmouth NHS Trust
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11 March 2015
My dissertation is on acute stroke management protocols and why door to needle time varies dramatically across hospitals


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08 May 2015
I tried to find a stroke unit near to me through the link with the article about 'gold' standards, this gave me search criteria where stroke was not listed.

I suspect that I have previously had a mini stroke and am having difficulties accessing healthcare; no referral........

Is there anything you can do for me?

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