Time to Think Differently: funding the NHS

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  • Posted:Monday 15 April 2013

How surprising are the costs of funding the NHS? We spoke to a number of people about the cost of running the health and social care system at our deliberative event.

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Richard Powderhill

Disabled Motoring
Comment date
18 April 2013
To fund the N.H.S., I propose an non-European Health tax on immigrants for each person, including infants, at £50 per week each for the first six years.
The would stop the influx of free-loading `asylum seekers`, and the like.

Mark Towner

Media buyer,
Comment date
20 May 2013
The NHS the most precious service offered by society. It should not be up for debate regardless of cost. Once inroads are made, we are on the slippery slope to the American model where a free market dictates costs and where millions of citizens have to make do with the most basic of cover. We do need to think differently, but perhaps not in the rather loaded way this group intends. We need to tax people and businesses appropriately so that this facility is protected.

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