Tackling cyber-threats in health and care: learning from Covid-19

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  • Posted:Monday 24 August 2020

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It didn’t take long from the start of the Covid-19 outbreak to see increased volumes of spam emails, accelerated spread of health-specific malware and significant spoofing of health care organisations, not to mention the increased risk of cyber-attack as a result of the enforced new ways of working. But as a society we have been able to react at incredible speed to deal with this new environment. 

In this free online event, we shared examples of the cyber-threats witnessed during the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic and explored how to capitalise on the work already done so that organisations can be ready for future challenges, including the need for a clinical-led approach. Our panel discussed the importance of incorporating cyber-security as part of wider organisational strategies, approaching it not just as another IT initiative but as a critical patient safety issue.

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