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  • Posted:Wednesday 20 February 2013

Stephen Dunn, Director of Policy and Strategy, NHS Midlands and East of England, discusses the Friends and Family Test, introduced to improve quality of care and to ensure that patients are involved in the health care system.

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sofija opacic

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21 February 2013
Hi - I'm an active member of my local surgery patients group and agree: Let's focus on the quality of the patient experience. Patient feedback is vital. Strengthen NHS and deliver a service aligned to patient's expectations now and in future.

Keen to hear and be involved with ideas on how we're going to make that happen (beyond the friends and family test). How are we going to work with NHS regional bodies to involve local patients beyond eg volunteering to help develop new leadership training programmes?

Have my own ideas but keen to hear other people's.

All best - Sofija

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