Sir Ian Carruthers OBE: A future of integrated care

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  • Posted:Thursday 25 July 2013

Sir Ian Carruthers OBE explains his vision for the delivery of health care in the future. He champions an integrated system of care that empowers both staff and patients. Sir Ian also explains the importance of successfully implementing ideas.

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Dr Haq

Parks Medical Centre
Comment date
27 July 2013
Ian talks well about several facets, staff, systems, providers, setting. Unless we change the patient into the customer. The poor customer will never be at the heart of the system. There is little appetite for risk in the NhS. No funding for improving service apart from continuous reorganisation. All these tinkering will have little effect unless the patient is allowed to demand a better standard of care through their purchasing power. The systems will not evolve unless they are incentivised permanently to succeed. No more give funding take funding and bury in the baseline. No more minimal payments and that is set as the national standard. Allow the customer to be king. Let them hold the budget let them decide what they need to pay for. Let the health sector tap commercial funding to be able to improve. The NHs has been reorganising for how many years now? There is no real choice for the patient.liberate the NHS from holding money, let them earn money from the patient. They will automatically work around the customer, they will work longer and harder. They will take on more risk to improve and invest in services. There will be saving as the patients will not spend as much if they know hat they are spending on. Quantify the risk insure the patient, prevent illegal use, insurers demand standards and investigate and penalise poor practice and drive performances. The whole team deliver as their employment demands this. Freedom for the NHS still free at the point of use. Think Differently!

Clive Spindley

voluntary worker,
Comment date
12 August 2013
To allow patients to self-care (self “manage”) they must be empowered to take control of their integrated data. The NHS is very complex and (this is where I disagree with Sir Ian) it is becoming even more complex, particularly from a data perspective. The NHS should loosen the reins on ITs staff and encourage a more entrepreneurial approach – real leadership comes from within an organisation not necessarily from a strong hierarchy – my personal opinion is that that approach has not worked for the NHS, be honest, be agile.

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