Simon Stevens on the NHS five year forward view

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  • Posted:Thursday 12 February 2015

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, gives an overview of the NHS five year forward view and what it is trying to achieve.

The forward view sets out a triple integration agenda, involving greater integration between primary and specialist care; physical and mental health care; and health and social care. Services will be organised around the needs of patients rather than professional boundaries.

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David j Parkin

former firefighter and now carer to my mentally and physically. disabled son,
The public
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04 April 2015
Have just watched your presentation Mr Stevens, and I like what I have hearď.Our son Ryan who is 26 has had mental health problems since he was 17.last year he escaped whist under a section 2 in hospltal, cilmbed an electric pylon and grabbed hold of 10000 volts.He has now lost both wife and I are now caring for him.I will not bore you with the long list of problems we have encountered, but they are many.If you would like more information please email me

Robert Namushi

Consultant Physician,
Pennine Acute
Comment date
05 May 2015
This is like listening to Moses about to cross the red sea. It is great stuff and a clear view from the top working with an ever increasingly confused workforce. The main problem is how to make three oil tankers moving at different speeds and sometimes heading in opposite directions to move in unison. I hope it works for the survival of the NHS. With the current shortfall in our finances, integration of care is probable a good solution. The other problem is change fatigue. We are about to recover from one change agenda and another comes our way. Having multiple models of care may not reduce waste or enhance safety of care or promote continuous improvement.


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22 June 2016
I tried to listen to this twice, but the vacuousness overcame any chance of hearing meaning in it. Is there any chance of putting up a version with English-language subtitles?

This must mean *something* about the actual NHS.

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