The science of clinical transformation

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  • Posted:Tuesday 01 October 2013

Speakers from our 2013 event, The science of clinical transformation, discuss a number of topics, including integrated care, the role of technology in health care, aligning clinical and managerial objectives and the possibility of a paperless NHS.

Featuring in this video are:

  • Dr Richard Pope, Consultant, Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
  • Professor Kausik Ray, Honorary Consultant Cardiologist, St. George's Hospital NHS Trust
  • Jacqui Lunday, Chief Health Professions Officer, Scotland Government
  • Dr Jonathan Fielden, Medical Director, Medicine Board, UCLH NHS Foundation Trust
  • Martin Evans, Principal, GE Healthcare Clinical Transformation Solutions

This seminar, organised with GE Healthcare Performance Solutions through the Fund's corporate partnership programme, explored how clinical leaders can put the science of clinical transformation into practice, to achieve improved clinical outcomes without breaking the bank.


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