Robert Francis: lessons from Stafford

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Robert Francis

Robert Francis QC presents the lessons from his inquiry into care failings at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Robert Francis: video still

You can download the full transcript from Robert Francis's presentation:   Robert Francis: lessons from Stafford

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#40128 Durairaj Jawahar
GP, Millennium LOcality lead in Leicester City CCG
Leicester City CCG

Needs real way to measure the quality rather than the easy way to measure
Governance should be adapted to clinicaly relavant and measured by the outcome to our patients

#40186 david foulkes

to see the report

#40474 gary tuck
Student Nurse
DMU Leicester

There are all sorts of brilliant policies, benchmarks, guidances and evidence based practice protocols to guide us all in our care of the sick, and this is all being well, but, if all those in the positions of power would listen to those in positions of enablement and provide more hands to use the tools given, the care nurses strive to give and that patients deserve could be implemented and such atrocities defined in this report could be avoided. Work from the floor up and you will know the answers to all the problems and save money, time and lives in the doing so.

#41830 Elaine Joanne Bowen
Cancer Patient-Chemotherapy

I think his speech is excellent and the guidance excellent, it is really is down to putting the patient first with "care and respect on the front line and excellent communication skills". Quality Assurance checks are helpful, as are soft skills and leadership and problem solving abilities.

#57589 Ruth Patterson
Senior Sister
NHS Blood and Transplant

There are many leadership theories and models out there and all have their place, my message is clear and simple, care for, and communicate with the people in your care as you would your own family.

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