Richard Bohmer: clinical leadership for service improvement

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  • Posted:Wednesday 25 April 2012

At the third of our 2012 Leadership Review lectures, Richard Bohmer, Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School and International Visiting Fellow at the Fund, spoke about clinical leadership for service improvement.

This talk was recorded at our NHS Leadership and Management Summit, in May 2012.


Vanessa vizcarra

Quality in Healthcare md,
Hospital civil de Guadalajara
Comment date
17 February 2013
I consider excellent information about leadership in Healthcare. I would like to know the next event for attend.
Vanessa Vizcarra MD

John Mckeefry

General Manager, Human Resources,
Hawke's Bay District Health Board (HBDHB)
Comment date
21 October 2013
Can you please send me any articles Richard Bohmer has wrirtten about Clinical leadership.

Sarah Tucker

Digital Communications Officer,
The King's Fund
Comment date
22 October 2013
Hi John

Thanks for your query - I've forwarded to our Information Knowledge Service team who will be in touch shortly and will be able to help.

Best wishes,


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