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  • Posted:Wednesday 12 December 2012

As the number of patients with long-term and multiple conditions increases, the location and delivery of care will need to change to cope with the demand. Where will health and social care be delivered in the future? Our new set of infographics picks out some key facts and figures.

These infographics are for you to use and share – please just mention The King's Fund when you do so.

You can download the full slideset or view the infographics on Pinterest.


Dr Malcolm Rigler

NHS GP with SPecial Interest in Public Health,
Comment date
13 December 2012
As more and more patients and carers find themselves trying to cope with long term conditions at home the need to ensure that people live in "safe and strong communities" becomes ever greater. This implies that the GP must work with others on "Community Development" . This topic was in fact highlighted by Sir Liam Donaldson CMO in the NHS Magazine over ten years ago. Sadly this aspect of GP and GP Practice life has , as yet, received little or no attention from the Senior GPs within the RCGP and there are few signs as yet that the GP commissioning groups will be showing any interest . Other folk in agencies such as "Arts for Health" in Manchester are fully aware of the need for investment and development in this area of "health work" . It would be good if The Kings Fund could help those of us within the GP community who are keen to overcome the "silo mentality of the NHS" . People living at home with long term conditions are usually "full of questions" but find that it is hard to get " answers" in the language and terms and at the pace they can understand. The Arts Council is now "strategy lead" for the Community Library Service. Is it not time for us within the NHS to fully support the "Libraries and Health" initiative that is trying to be born ? so that we can work "in partnership" with professionals whose commitment is to get "the right information. to the right patient, at the right time in language and terms that people can be understood".

Mary Hawking

Kingsbury Court Surgery
Comment date
15 December 2012
Look at the funding models supported by all politicians, all parties.
Hospitals are highly visible and emotionally/politically desirable: they take upwards of 80% of funding - and always have taken more of any development funding available.
Community services are almost politically invisible - and whenever there is an "efficiency" drive, tend to bear the brunt of the cuts (yes, they are cuts!) in funding and so service provision.
General practice lies inbetween: until this government took the decision to effectively tear up the nGMS contract (letter on 6.12.12), funding was assumed to be relativel protected - even though the massive increases in workload were unrestrained: now the funding is being slashed and the workload, at both practice and organisational level massively increased yet again.

As the helpful local, in the middle of a bog, said when asked for directions, "well if that's where you want to go, sir, I wouldn't start from here if I was you"!

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