Rachel Noble: Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England

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  • Posted:Thursday 03 April 2014

Rachel Noble, Policy Manager at the British Dental Association, tells us that the change that would make the most impact on England's health and social care system would be a transition to integration across the NHS, including dentistry.

At a stakeholder event for the Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England, she explains that services must move towards treating patients more holistically, and that the BDA would like to see the IT integration issue addressed in the final report from the commission.

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Carol Morgan

Wimborne Engineering
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12 June 2014
Good Morning.
I am delighted that you have finally realised that competition is totally inapproriate in the NHS.However I think I have been naive in my assumption that the competition was supposed to be between NHS hospitals. I now think that what was meant was that it allowed private companies to charge high prices for goods required by the NHS. I recently had dealing with the district nurse service in Frimley and was horrified to find that it was "managed " by Virgin Care" who have a five year contract. They are using some fully qualified nurses but many of their staff are not qualified. Why are they being allowed to take money for the supposed management of a service that was already working well? This just adds another cost to the NHS. I suspect their aim will be to wait five years and then move to wards all unqualified staff with poorer conditions of service . This is exactly what has happened in care homes etc. The NHS could negotiate very good price deals if they negotiated nationally for goods including drugs etc.

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