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  • Posted:Tuesday 15 October 2013

How can we better support medical leaders to take on and excel in leadership roles? We spoke to a range of medical leaders from across the country to find out.

The flux in the system, and the pace of change, were recurring themes, as was the drive to move to better integrated models of care in the future. Doctors wanted help to make sense of these changes, so that they can better understand what’s needed from them to lead.


Dr Umesh Prabhu

Medical Director,
Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh FT
Comment date
21 December 2013
NHS makes lot of good doctors but fails to make them good leaders. We do not teach or train doctors to be leaders. NHS has not encouraged, nurtured good doctors to be leaders and good doctors have shied away from taking on challenging but important roles.

Medical leadership is dominated by few doctors in many Trusts and CCGs. There is no training, performance management or accountability for most leaders in the NHS. This has to change and every leader must have performance management and this is what King's fund and NHS leadership academy must focus on.

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