Perspectives on medical engagement: Sam Majumdar

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  • Posted:Thursday 07 August 2014

Sam Majumdar, Consultant Surgeon, explains how medical engagement has been developed at NHS Tayside through the creation of a network to support clinical groups.

Sam describes managers and clinicians as two forces, both trying to improve patient quality and safety but with values and goals that are not aligned. The biggest challenge to medical engagement is changing this culture and aligning these values and beliefs.

You can download the full transcript of Sam's interview.

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08 August 2014
Thanks so much to Vijaya, her team and King's Fund for their enormous effort to help us understand clinical leadership and engagement. We have everything that we need to be successful with us at present; we are just not well aligned in our direction of travel being very poorly connected with each other. We need to align our directions and connect everyone together to provide the best possible, safe and effective care to all our patients. It will not happen until we change the culture into a value based practice starting from the heart and eradicate the chasm between managers and all health care workers. We need to reduce all our wastage and unwanted variations. It is eminently doable as we see in the great examples here; all we need to do is believe in ourselves as they all did.

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