Perspectives on integrated care: Cumbria

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  • Posted:Wednesday 25 September 2013

Hugh Reeve, Chair, Cumbria CCG, describes integrating health and care in Cumbria, where primary care communities bring GP practice populations, community services and social care together.

Cumbria CCG is also looking at how to use its buildings to their full potential, and is developing a single approach to IT systems and to the workforce to decrease wastage across the system.

When asked about the enablers of integrated care, Dr Reeve emphasised the importance of getting senior leaders, clinicians and teams on board and working collaboratively, and of having a burning platform - in Cumbria's case - some hospitals that weren't performing well - as a starting out point for improvement.


lorraine cleaver

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13 January 2014
The missing word was 'Patients' and he can talk until the cows come home but if he forgets the patient in all of this talk of buildings and I.T. he will get nowhere, fast.

Hugh Reeve

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09 October 2014
Patients are at the absolute centre in this video clip when measures of success are described, which is exactly as it should be - the integration processes must go on in one sense behind the scenes, but the results must be what users of the service experience.

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