Nick Goodwin and Judith Smith on integrated care

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  • Posted:Thursday 05 January 2012

Dr Nick Goodwin and Dr Judith Smith explore the recommendations on integrated care from The King's Fund and Nuffield Trust for the Department of Health and the NHS Future Forum.

They focus on how to develop integrated care ‘at scale and pace’ and consider the case for – and barriers to – integrated care.


Prof Daniel St…

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07 January 2012
The report makes for interesting reading. Although it is undoubtedly relevant for policy makers; however as it fails to provide practical strategies, frameworks and methods it is not useful for implementation. It does not support the people that are trying to make integration happen locally. Maybe this is common for policy documents but for me it’s a bit like advisors telling the Navy, Army and Air Force that they to work together more closely without informing the soldiers how this practically can be achieved.

Peter Jones

Interm Support Team,
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11 January 2012
'Integration' in health and social care should be considered critically over the past 25 years and more (but for practical purposes - a decade sure).. As the presenters make clear integrated care depends heavily on the policy and implementation of the past decade. Evolution matters, but there is a deep archaeology here that illustrates the policy aspiration - practice gap the reports priorities seek to address. I am pleased I found this (a mention in HSJ) and the need for measures of integration. This prompted me to consider aspects of integration and highlight the report on my blog: Welcome to the QUAD:
- wish I could embed the video.
I like the report's stressing the individual and population dimension - crucial and for Prof. Steenstra and others there IS a (generic, universal, agnostic) framework that can be used to further integrated care.

Sometimes simple solutions can help. A shared conceptual framework across all health and social care and accessible to the public - 14-16 year old's must make a difference in information sharing and health literacy terms?
Kind regards,
Peter Jones
RMN, RGN, CPN(Cert.), PGCE, BA(Hons) Comp/Phil, PG(Dip)COPE.
Nursing Home Liaison now with Intermediate Support Team
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