Neil Bacon: can patient power transform care in the future?

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  • Posted:Thursday 06 December 2012

Dr Neil Bacon, Founder, and iWantGreatCare, explains why patient experience must be at the centre of health care in order to improve quality of care in the future.

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Nigel Fenner

Founder and Director,
SEMPA CIC (or Supporting Employers Managing PAs)
Comment date
23 July 2014
There is a group of 200,000 people in the UK who do manage their own care in their own homes however despite their innovative practice they remain an untapped resource. I refer to disabled and elderly people who as employers employ their own PAs / carers. This relationship requires trust in the same way that patients require trust with the health services available to them. In response SEMPA has produced a Contract of Trust video resource; go to

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